My Dreams

I was flying in the sky with wishes and dreams.
My wings were powerful and strong.
I was excited about having a bright future.
For making my family and my dreams come true…
I dreamed that a better education would make my country and family proud.

My dreams were shining like stars above the sky.
The moon shined from the brightness of my dreams.
There was no hitch on my way.
I flew, flew and flew.
Every moment I flew high and higher.

My dreams made me want to fly high and higher.
I was on the ground and I was trying to reach the sun.
My dreams were so much higher to reach
But I used all of my power and I flew and flew.

I was quite near to the sun.
Suddenly the sun’s flame engulfed my wings.
There were no wings left to fly.
I was falling back to the ground and I couldn’t see any way to fly again.
My tears were falling like rain.
The fire on my wings was so great
that my tears could not put out the fire.

Every second I was getting closer to the ground,
I felt so far from my dreams.
I wished I had never had any dreams.
I wished I never had wings to fly.
Maybe I should never have seen this harsh fall.
I woke up with no hope and no wishes—a most miserable girl.
I couldn’t see any lightness, only darkness.
I thought I am very far from my dreams.

Suddenly, just as I was about to give up forever,
I got the most beautiful and shiny new wings.
My wings began to fly.
I promised myself and started saying aloud
Just because of the sun’s flame I will not give up.

When my tears heard my promise,
my tears became shiny stars.
Stars helped my wings to become shinier.
I flew higher and higher again.
I was very close to the sun,
and it was trying to destroy my wings again,
but the shine of my wings destroyed the sun.
There was no sun left this time to fire up my wings and take me far from my dreams.

Like me, my wishes are also shining in the sky.
I am full of confidence that my dreams are coming true.

By Farahnaz

Photo by Luis Violante


  1. I hope all of your dreams come true! This is a lovely poem!

  2. Your dreams are inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Barbara Cameron says:

    What a beautiful poem! My your wishes and dreams come true!

  4. Keta Hodgson says:

    Thank you, Farahnaz, for your beautiful poem. So very touching.

  5. Christina says:

    I love this poem. What beautiful images and ideas. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. This is lovely – was it inspired by the Icarus myth? I very much like the way you’ve ended on a positive note – it is risky and scary to dream. I hope your shield holds as you get closer and closer to your dreams.

  7. Very beautiful! I hope you can overcome all obstacles and make your dreams come true.

  8. Simone says:

    Salam Farahnaz! It is very beautiful the way you talk about the meaning of freedom. There is no doubt that dreams bring wings. Never stop dreaming. Our dreams are what making us move forward in life. I hope you never stop believing in them, never stop believing you can make them come true, no matter if the reality in front of you makes it looks like unlikely to happen. If you believe in yourself you will be empowered and nothing will prevent you to reach your goals. Dont let anybody or any circunstance discourage you to follow your dreams. Love yourself! See how beautiful you are inside … how much sensitivity is part of who you are. It is easy to see it trough your poem. I hope you get bigger and bigger wings to fly to far away places and find happiness and love throughout the journey. Thank you for sharing your beauty!

  9. Salam jan!
    I love your poem…. First of all I have to say that I am very proud of my little sister. I admire your confident, and I know that you will achieve all your dreams one day. Because of your hardworking, courage and your loving heart.
    your sister :)

  10. prince amygak says:

    that was all nice :)

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