Mother, sister, girl under the blue burqa
No one can see my eyes, my face, even my family resemblance.

Who am I, woman under the burqa?

My beauty is covered. I can’t see the beautiful world.
It covers my identity and kills my personality.

Who am I under the blue burqa?

I want to fly from this blue cage.
I want to feel love and peace.
I want to take a pen and write dreams of freedom on the world walls.

Who am I under the blue burqa?

A mother who always suffers?
A sister who lost her brother?
A wife who lost her husband?
A citizen who lost her country in war?

Who am I under the blue burqa?

A mother who lost her son?
Where has he gone? Why did he take a gun instead of a pen?
Tell me he will come back alive or not.
Tell me he is coming back. He has gone to bring peace.
I am a useless woman under the blue burqa
Don’t look at me. I can’t help my country.
I am a prisoner under the blue burqa.

By Arifa

Photo: Barbara Millucci