A dark life!
A lone girl!
Whose heart only feels pain.

When I think about my life, and the other girls’ lives
It is a huge load on my heart.
Our society does not allow us a chance to progress.
When I think of the future
Everywhere is dark.

Nights are dark and the days are even darker
Even when the sun shines in the sky in the day
And the moon seems shiny and full in the night
Alas that it is for the others, not for me.
Oh my God!
When will this dark shadow move?

I try to escape from my feelings. Not to think.
But no efficient result comes from my tries.
The darkness comes to me like a big monster
I am scared that one day it will swallow me!
But what can be done?

This is life’s tradition, a ritual
Fighting against them is the only way
I will stand strongly against all darknesses.

By Zahra M.

Photo by Doylen