When I was in 7th through 10th grades in school, we sent greeting cards for New Year, birthday wishes, or Eid celebrations that read:

Some love one,
Some love two,
I love one,
That is you.

Love in itself is a very vast world, and it keeps changing its mood as a person gets older, day by day. My experience of love has been varied too.

When I was a child, I used to say my love was my parents. Nobody in the world could claim the passion from me that I possessed for my parents. What that meant was I wanted to obey them, respect their wishes, and act as they wanted me to act, not only at home, but in the homes of our friends. I cared about their reputations, and I wanted others to see that I was nice so that my parents would be known as among the best parents in the world.

Then I got engaged to my husband. At this point, I totally shifted my thinking and started to believe that the real love hidden within me was for him. He was everything to me. I would die for him. My love made me patient and respectful to him and his family, and it made me bear all the issues in our married life.

Then Allah gifted me with my kids and they were above everything for me. I cannot sleep, talk, walk, eat, or drink without them in my mind. People many times have told me that I “preach” to my kids, that I treat them with humility and respect, and they say it’s too much. My understanding of love is different; I believe if I keep on giving love, it will reward me when I am old.

But one thing has struck me after four years of marriage, twenty-seven years since my birth. You can also start loving very minute things, like flowers, a TV drama, a color, an article of clothing. Recently I have been giving serious thought to this, and realized what I love most in this world is my Creator. I love these things because I love Allah, and all these things are his gifts to me. He is a good friend; He listens to my grievances, to my sorrows, to my laughter, to my wishes, and provides for me.

He is the one I love most.

By Saifora

Photo: Reuters/Khaled al-Hariri