My life is like the fall…
I am like a dry leaf
in the way of life,
always tying myself to a tree,
trying not to fall down under the heavy feet of people.

I suffer all kinds of weather: wind, rain, burning sun.
I am grateful when
I don’t fall to the ground, into
the roadside dust,
lose my life
and all my hard work on the tree branch.

Every year the same,
the strong winds don’t let me live.
I try to remain on my branch,
and I still fall.

But every year begins with a world of hope
because I am growing up!
Maybe this year I will not fall and
get stepped on,
maybe no deluge will take my life.

When I grow up, will I suffer the same squashed fate?
Is it worse to be stepped on when you are grown?
I wish for fall not to come again,
let spring stay forever,
erase the memory of fall from my mind
as if there were no winds whipping me off my tree
so as not to ever give up.

I will grow up and keep my hopes
that life will not bring failure,
and when I reach my goal
I hope to help my oppressed people.

Zahra A.

Photo by Stephen Dziewczynki