Photographs by Roya

Nine photos taken by Roya in Kabul.


  1. Love the photo’s!

  2. Humaira Dastgir says:

    Really beautiful pictures!

  3. John Hawley says:

    These are some very nice pictures of Kabul. My favorites are the the one of the bridge as well as the tree over the water. The picture with the river has excellent composition and color. The way you placed the tree over to the right side shows a good photographic eye. The city in the rocks is also very pretty. You chose a very nice angle to show the city. The mountain disappearing in the background shows a very pretty depth of field. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Gillian Culff says:

    I really enjoyed these photos, Roya. I especially like the bridge with the houses stacked up on the hillside, the boy with the pigeons (I like the blue jacket and the placement of the boy in the photo) and the green doors with the women standing in front of them. I especially like how the blue of the burqas is reflected in the sign above to the left, advertising singing classes.

  5. Peggy Kocoras says:

    Wonderful photos! I especially like the one with the three women. It’s beautifully framed and it makes me wonder what the story is – what’s going on and what are the women thinking about it?

  6. Lisa A in Harrisburg says:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures in and around Kabul. I enjoy seeing the country side as well as the city photos. Well done.

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