Photographs by Seeta

Here are sixteen photographs taken by Seeta in Farah Province. Click a thumbnail to see the full image and its caption, and to browse the gallery with your mouse or N (next) and P (previous) keys.


  1. Michella says:

    These photos are amazing! They really show a diverse range of the community of Farah and such photos like the man in the wheelchair taking the entrance exam demonstrate the personalities of the people.

  2. Meaghan says:

    These pictures are fantastic. The fifteenth photo, with the little girl, is adorable as well! A great showing of the determination and perseverance of the people of Farah. Thank you for the insight and view, Seeta.

  3. Gillian Culff says:

    I love these photos! My favorites: the girls in school, the girl looking through the microscope (yes!), the man in the wheelchair, the women in the field holding a melon, and the piles of beans or seeds. Beautiful storytelling, color, composition–makes me want to go there.

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