One day in physics class we were surprised when the politics teacher came instead of the physics teacher and he gave us a speech about the disasters Afghanistan will face in 2014 after the American troops leave.

At first we were interested in what he would tell us because we thought that he would be optimistic about Afghanistan’s future.

But he was not. He said that the first problem that the country would face is an economic problem and that we would probably have serious poverty in Afghanistan.

He said the second problem is security. He said that the security we have with American troops is like an umbrella and the umbrella is shrinking and will disappear when they leave.  It will be difficult for Afghans to protect us from terrorist attacks.

Our teacher was starting to scare us.

When we asked him for the solution he told us, “Afghanistan’s improvement depends on all Afghans working together and becoming united. We need strong relations between the different Afghan tribes.”

He said, “It is your duty to think about how to improve relations between the Afghan people with all the prejudice there is among the different groups.”

We all felt powerless against these disasters. We were scared and no one wanted to talk about 2014 anymore.

But, our teacher said there are solutions for any problem and that by thinking about the problems we will find the solutions. Our teacher said we are the ones who will be living in Afghanistan so it is up to us to make it cleaner, safer, and more beautiful and if we don’t build our own country no one will help us build it. One of my solutions is that the government should support businesses more so the country can become a little bit richer and more independent. But I still hope we don’t have serious problems when 2014 comes.

By Fatima H.

Photo: Reuters/Shamil Zhumatov