Women Must Create Change Themselves

Why has history given more pain to the ones already oppressed? Why must the destiny of our mothers and daughters be unlucky and painful?  Why does no one value women? 

Answering these questions should not be so difficult, but these days, people find all kinds of reasons to explain it, like poverty, lack of education, ignorance of women’s rights, an old culture which still dictates that women should be subservient to men. 

Some people like to talk to others about women’s rights, but after a while we can easily recognize that the speech is just a device. They are not “walking their talk.” 

Violence toward women does not motivate a country to find peace or development. When a woman cannot properly educate her son—or her daughter—the children will not have a good future. They can become prey to many bad things, addictions, and violence. 

For example, if a woman lacks a good education, she cannot think positively. When she is beaten and in pain, her children will be neglected and thus absorb her pain. If a woman has a good education, she can begin her child’s education at home when he is very young and the foundations for learning are set. 

So who is guilty in this case? Is it me? You? The organizations for human rights? Our governments?  

When we change the minds of our sons, we begin to change the world. We can teach our young sons to respect their sisters and mothers and all women.  

History is changed by the small actions of ordinary people.  It does not change from the big things that somebody else ought to do. 

We are a part of our government, so this means we are the ones who are responsible for solving this problem.  I believe until the mind of each person in our society changes, all the workshops and training about women’s rights will not have any result. It will just be about spending money and time. 

Oh, my brothers and my sisters and my fellow citizens, our duty in this world is to make our people aware about human rights for women.

We should be the ones who are walking the talk until we can remove the misunderstandings of old culture from our country and our world. 

It is women who can lead the world. The woman rocks the cradle of the brave and innovators of our society with one hand, and moves all the world with the other hand. 

By Zahra A.


  1. Dear Zahra,
    I love your image of the woman rocking the cradle with one hand and moving the world with the other! I totally agree with you – we ARE the government although it doesn’t often feel that way when we look at what is going on.
    I like your repeated use of the “walking the talk” phrase as well. Talking is much easier than doing something to advance the rights of women and end domestic violence, isn’t it?
    If you have a son, he’s lucky to have such an aware and articulate mother.
    I’m looking forward to reading your next essay. Best wishes!


  2. Zahra, I’m so thrilled to see you accept ownership of change in your writing. What you’ve written rings true, and always has, whenever our world has needed a significant change in thought and action. Keep writing! People across the world are listening to what you have to say!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Zahra jan,
    Strongly and beautifully stated truth!

  4. Overwhelming and beautiful! Words are so powerful! People around the world are listening to you. We are all sisters!

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