When I was a child and could not sleep, my mother would give me sleeping tablets. When my mind could not relax, I would cry a lot, and because she was uneducated, she just gave me the tablets.

When I became older, my parents were so busy in their work, they had no time to be with me. I understand that they were busy.  But when I became older still, I felt that life had no value and we are born useless in this world. We were living in a village. I had no destiny in my life.

I felt that life had nothing for me. One day my father understood that his daughter had a mental problem. He took me to a doctor in the city. The doctor said to my father, “Your daughter will be all right,” and he gave me some medicine.

When we were in the city and I was taking the medicine, I saw everyone in the city had a destiny in life: that it was to study and gain knowledge. When I asked my father to let me stay in order to get knowledge, he didn’t ignore me.

But when I went to school I saw that I was different from everyone, and I said to my father, “I want to come back to the village.” My father said, “No. I will not take you back. Stay there and follow your school and studies.” He sent money to support me.

But then, my brothers had begun to grow up, and my father was becoming old. He was not able to work anymore. When my brothers began to work, they rejected me and did not send me enough for my school. I felt very unlucky. I was trying day and night to study. I took my exams, but I failed tenth class.

I was completely disappointed. But I repeated tenth class and studied even more. Now the only aim I have is to finish my twelfth class. Will I have success at the university or not? I assure you all that I will. I write for you.

By Majabeen