A Prayer for Grandmother

The place I would wish to go more than anyplace in the world
is the city where my Grandma now lives,
Hamburg, Germany.

That would be my paradise.
I wish I had wings to fly there and stay just for a few seconds,
see my Grandma, and hold her hands tight for the last time.

I would tell her how much she means to me,
how I have always needed her,
that she is a blessing to me
and how much I love her.

I would beg her to stay,
not to leave me,
to hold my hands
smile for me as she always does,
share her pain with me.

Dear God, I am thankful for your
giving me such a grandmother.

By Yalda

Photo: St. Michaelis, Hamburg


  1. Yalda, this is such a beautiful poem. Your grandma must be so proud of you and so honored that you wrote this for her. I hope you keep sharing your thoughts and your life through poetry.

  2. Dear Yarda: It is a great poem full of Love and passion. I live in Germany and from now on, each time I visit Hamburg I will think about your lovely poem. Keep on writing, beautiful Yarda.

  3. Richelle McClain says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. Hold on to your dream of being with her.

  4. This is so beautiful and hearfelt! Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams; anything is possible!

  5. My world is richer because I have read your poem. Thank you for sharing. Please, keep sharing and dreaming,. You are making a difference.

  6. This poem is beautiful. You have such a wonderful gift. I hope that you are able to continue writing more poems or stories such as these. Never give up on your dreams. There is always hope.

  7. Scott Shaull says:

    Dear Yalda,
    I really appreciated “A Prayer for Grandmother”. It gave some good insight on how it doesn’t matter how far the distance. A person can still make an impact in your life. It’s cool to see how that person, for you, was your grandmother. That love and longing to be with her, how, “I would tell her how much she means to me, 
 how I have always needed her 
that she is a blessing to me
 and how much I love her”. Those are touching words that aren’t always said or shown. My favorite line was, “Dear God, I am thankful for your 
giving me such a grandmother”. At least in America we don’t always give thanks, we tend to only give thanks when the time is right, but we should constantly be thanking God in every situation. Thank you for writing, “A Prayer for Grandmother”; it was a pleasure to read.
    Scott Shaull

  8. Yalda,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of your grandmother. It seems like you have a really remarkable relationship. Women in families must stick together. There is a very special bond that exists between daughters, mothers, and grandmothers that is different from any other relationship. It must be really hard to be so far from her and not be able to tell her how you feel. To some extent, I can relate to how you feel. Both my grandmothers live very far away from me and I do not get to see them, except maybe once every few years. One of them is very ill and I long to visit her and tell her I am thankful for her as well. Sometimes the best thing we can do is pray for the ones we love whom we cannot see, but often it is just as powerful. Hold on tight to the memories you have with your grandmother and keep on sharing your stories. Thank you for writing this lovely story, Yalda.

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