I love you like a butterfly loves a candle,
Like a bird who wants to fly free in the sky
And a fish who wishes to swim in the river;
I love you as much as a thirsty, hungry person who wants drink and food  
as much as a dry country likes rain,
and as much as there is a soul in my body.
My eyes long to see you, my lips can’t wait
to kiss you, my hands reach out  to touch you.

Dear lovely Mother, you gave me a comfortable life
full of happiness, wishes and  love. When I felt cold,
you kept me warm in your cottony bosom
You gave me your delicious, sweet milk for my thirst
When sad, you made me happy, when I was sick, you healed me
with hard work and prayer, and whenever I was lost,
you offered me good advice showing the way.

You sat next to me when I was scared,
your shining wings lighting my bedside.
I want to offer you everything   
Let me use the dust on your feet instead of kohl on my eyes
Allow me to wash them with my tears and dry them with my hair
Let me look at your beautiful face full of luster
And sit near you while you sleep in beauty.
I would destroy the sun if it disturbs your rest.  
Let me fly to the sky and bring back shining stars
for you.

By Farahnaz