My Sister and Me

I enjoy my life, but that doesn’t mean I am always happy and passing sweet moments. Sometimes life is sad and sometimes it’s happy. I like all the variations. Life is like a sandwich, and that means it should have different ingredients to be delicious. You have to feel different every day to enjoy your life. If it’s always the same way, if you are always sad or happy, life will get boring and you won’t want to continue it.

For me, this enjoyment is the result of one person: my oldest sister, Shakila. My sister is an angel. She is 30 years old. My mother always says, “Your sister is more than a mother. You have to be thankful for her forever.”

The first gift Shakila gave me was to encourage and take care of me. She was the only person that I could ask for anything I wanted. If I had asked my silly questions of anybody else, they would have laughed at me, but she was different and she still is. She always encouraged me to ask many things of her.

One of the funny questions I once asked her was this: “Shakila, who do you love more, me or God?” When my older brother found out about this, he made fun of me and he told others, “Fatima is just a fool. She wants to compare herself to God. It is incredible. And she also wants Shakila to love her more than God. See how stupid she is? I am ashamed to call her my sister.” He told this to everyone he knows and they all made fun of me.

I don’t know why, but I felt Shakila could love me more than God. I love her more than anyone else—even God. Then I felt guilty, and I told myself, “God will eat you, Fatima. Stop what are you saying.” But Shakila told me my question was smart and only stupid people can’t understand it. She said, “Never let others put you down!”

Shakila helped me and my younger sister go to a private school; she paid for our transportation and all the materials we needed. I wasn’t good at school—I was never a position holder—but she never complained about this. I always fought with my teachers and especially my principal. When I told Shakila about it she used to say, “I am proud of you. You are brave.”

The most important thing Shakila did for me was to change my views. She changed my world. She brought me to a world that was full of enjoyment and love. She taught me that independence is the most important thing for a mature person and respecting other people’s ideas is the most important thing for a human.

I don’t know how to express all the things Shakila has done for me. I don’t know. I just want to tell her through my writing that I love her and I will never forget the things she did for me.

By Fatima H.


  1. Your sister sounds like a wonderful person. As a big sister this truly touched my heart.

  2. Tammy Churchill says:

    Hi Fatima, hope you and your family are well. Does Shakila know about your writing?

  3. I love your story. My sister was my best friend, too. She has died but I think of her every single day.

  4. Mary Stachyra says:

    You are so lucky to have a sister like Shakila. She is an extraordinary person. What an incredible gift, to be taught the value of independence and respect for others. Those are lessons that some people never learn. Thank you for sharing this story.

  5. Thank you! I will email her and ask her to read it.

    • Sadly this is the case with most of the dosimtec helps. Early marriage, kids, un-coperative hubby, inlaws or parents pressuring for marriage… Nice article R’s mom..Scribblermom

  6. hey my little sister Fatima jan
    why did you just talke about Shakila? i also helped you very much. also Zahra and Sohaila.
    however, i wanted to say that you are worth more thatn all the thinks that we do for you.
    you and Zahra are little angels for family.
    I love u

  7. Sohaila says:

    My dear Fatima that was wonderfull .i love this writing .

    this is too important :
    She taught me that independence is the most important thing for a mature person and respecting other people’s ideas is the most important thing for a human.

  8. Shakila says:

    Wow, your English is getting better and better. I am so proud of you and still love God because of sending you to our family. Keep up as always!

  9. I apreciate my family and also I feel guilty when I see my other sisters put comments and encouraged me but I didn’t write any thing about them! all of them are angels and I can write three other essays like this for my three ramining sisters. Thanks for comments! every one!
    Fatima H.

  10. Humaira says:

    woww so nice dear, your sister is angel like my sister
    my sister is also very kind and she has soft heart like your sister
    I am proud of my sister and love her too much.

  11. Richelle McClain says:

    How lucky you are to have the kind of sister you describe. That you could ask her if she loved you more than God says a lot about the kind of person she was, that she had such a great capacity for love. As the oldest child and big sister in my family, I always wished for a bigger sister (or brother). While reading, I also found myself comparing Shakila’s actions to mine. I hope that my siblings would think as highly of me.

  12. Calista says:

    Hey Fatima I’m so glad you speak your mind in, what you believe in and your not afraid to show it. Also I really like your writing. your inspirational wonderful story.

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