During my days at school, I have had a lot of different kinds of experiences: funny, sad, happy and embarrassing. Sometimes I think I love school because of all these memories. One of my experiences this year was very shameful, but it was also funny and sweet.

I have many stories of  the school principal, Hafiz. I always disagree with him. I think he is more like a guard than a principal. He always says: “Do this, do that.”

But I am our class representative and I collect the class problems and inform the principal about them. We have a meeting with all the class representatives. For example, not having a yard is a very big problem at our school, especially for kids who have nowhere to play. Solving these types of problems was the job of the group.

At our first meeting, we needed to select a head for this group of class representatives, and I was chosen. After that, I did many shameful things. I went to the roof, which is forbidden, but there was no sign and nobody told me it was forbidden. I went to the roof with my friend. We were feeling depressed because our girl’s school doesn’t have a yard or any other open space.

When Hafiz found out we’d gone up there, he thought I went up to the roof to look at boys. I told him that he didn’t know anything and I gave him this letter:


Maybe I am a bad girl. Maybe I am naughty, but I know that you don’t have the right to judge me and my actions. I can’t make you feel good about me, but I won’t let you think anything you want about me. I did a bad thing, but I won’t apologize because I didn’t know that it was forbidden to go to the roof. Please make a yard for the girls so they can avoid looking at the boys!

After that, Hafiz and I ignored each other when we met. With some people, avoiding them is best because you can never change them. They have high positions, but they don’t try to understand you. Their beliefs are unchangeable; they don’t listen to you and always put you down. Why? Because they were put down by others. I never talked to Hafiz after that incident. Not dealing with him gives me a good feeling.

By Fatima H.

Photo: GIZ/Radar Akbar