Editor’s note: This poem was written following the tragic events in Kandahar on Sunday, March 11th, when a U.S. soldier went on a rampage, killing seventeen Afghan villagers.

New life is starting
New leaves are growing again,
The weather is getting sunny.
On one side of our country
People with big smiles on their faces
Welcome the warm spring
Making new wishes and hopes
For a better life
Songs sound in every corner of the city
People are going and coming


On the other side of the country,
Airplane sounds become the song of ears
Bombing, shooting, killing
Become part of their life
The city is quiet
The houses damaged
Every single person in their house
Becomes like a dead person
No one has hope
Even for a minute
Minutes pass for them like a year
Someone turned their happiness to sadness
No one cares about them
Saying sorry cannot salve their pains
The weather is crying
The earth is tired of keeping blood
Tears are coming down like rain
Someone cries because
He lost his mother
Another one cries for her husband,
Daughter, son, and mother
A barefoot child waits for her father
By the back of the door.

O my brothers, sisters
We all are members of a family
Let’s give pens and happiness to our family
Instead of guns and sorrow
No one will understand our pain
Except our own family members.
Let’s forget about
Which ethnicity we are
Let’s make our house
A better and safe place for our next generation.

By Zahra A.

Photo: Afghan police and residents stand around a van carrying victims’ bodies following an attack by a US soldier near Kandahar, Afghanistan, on Sunday, March 11, 2012. I. SAMEEM/EPA.