Daughters of Afghanistan: Literary Voices of Change

There’s a good article on the current poetry scene in Afghanistan by Aria Farni on the Tehran Bureau’s page of PBS’s Frontline ; it mentions the work of AWWP.

Photo by Lorenzo Tugnoli.


  1. I am interested in your organization (Afghan women)
    با احترام
    Parwin Zamani Secretaris
    Stichting Ariana
    studiefonds voor Afghaanse vrouwen
    t- 0654278134

  2. The active Afghan female should be remained as example for youth in service to humanity; we are in need of more activists and their services to nation. The tool to empower a nation is to well educate and self-in depend them, we have to work in increased of educational level to Afghan citizens. Our struggle to peace shouldn’t be ended.

  3. Its true Meena Jan

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