Nowruz brings the warm spring,
making everywhere green and beautiful as paradise
New life starts
Flowers are growing, snow is melting.
Mud will go away, and soon turn to dust
Nature changes.
People change.

We have haft mewa—seven fruits—on the first day of the new year
People cook seven dishes
Nowruz is the starting day of Allah bringing happiness and beauty
And the harbinger of freshness and new things.
Nature’s excuse for finding beauty and becoming beautiful
When Nowruz starts, life starts anew
Like restarting your old life’s computer with new windows.

By the Kabul writers


  1. To Kabul Writers, I enjoyed your poem very much. You bring up old ideas but in a fresh and pleasing way. I especially liked the last line where you brought up computers; it served as an interesting comparison between nature and technology. Very beautiful and easy to relate to from all parts of the world.

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