The future is defined as the coming time, that which is ahead. How long and how far in nature the future goes, nobody knows. But at least we can wish and dream of how our future should be.

When I think of my future I see my husband, my kids, and I living together happily.

I have two children, a daughter who is eighteen months, and a son who is two-and-a-half months old. My daughter, a very cute and intelligent baby, has started to speak a bit. She calls herself Doctor Salwa and she says very lovable things that make us laugh. My son already is championing for everyone’s attention. He is a patient boy with a smiling face and I will love to help him fulfill what his desires will be for his future.

My best wishes are to be a good mother and teacher for my children and to bring them up as obedient and respectful people. Meanwhile, I am working to pay for the installments on my home and trying to save some money for their education and other future needs. All that I do is for a happy and serene future.

I have a top-secret plan for my family. Nobody knows but my husband: I bought a home in a new luxury apartment building built in one of the expensive areas of Kabul. I have done this to provide my children with the belief that they are among those fortunate families who can enjoy a fine, modern lifestyle and the best in our city. I don’t mean to provide them with dreams of lavish living, but I wish to save them from thinking they do not have all the opportunities others have. I am working hard to secure not only a good income, but a good reputation. I hope this will one day give my children pride that their mother was well educated with working experiences in good organizations.

In the future that I envision, my children will seek the best education in the best system, whether in Afghanistan or another country. This should help them, inshallah, to secure good positions in prominent organizations so they will not only have good incomes, but serve their country as well.

Will I still be alive by then? Will I see my wishes fulfilled?

These questions come into my mind off and on. But one of our proverbs says, “Hope stands the world.”

We all live with a hope. In our country, some people hope to marry a good person, some hope for children, some hope for a daughter, some hope for a son. Many wish to have their own home, and some think of having a secure and permanent job.

My hopes are to be a good mother, wife and friend, to retain my position in a good organization. A “good mother” is someone who is a great source of pride and care for her family. If I can do all these things, I will be a source of pride for my family in the future. I won’t be going out of my mind for them—I live because of them.

By Saifora

Photo: Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images