Voices are getting louder and louder,
Those voices that have always been meaningful

Even when no one heard or cared about them
Those voices that tear the moon, sun, stars—

The sky screams for the sorrowful voices
The sun spreads their sound everywhere

The moon smiles for the chattering hearts of women who always wanted the world to hear
Stars get energy from those voices and shine

Yes, these are the voices of those desperate and hopeful Afghan women
Who were tomboys in childhood, but when they grew up instead of a pen they got a baby in
their hands

Who were always thirsty to see the world beyond the house
Who always wanted to take a deep breath in fresh air, but the prison of the burqa became like
a part of the body

Who always tried to have a voice, but were silenced
Whose dreams remained dreams

For whom tears, grief, and worry were friends
Who sacrificed their lives for others and never wanted to break hearts

Who gave everything for the world
Now from those voices come magic words:

I am proud I am a woman
I am not going to dream anymore, I will make my dreams come true

I am powerful
I challenge the people who hate women
Woman means life
Woman means humanity

Woman means guider
Woman means ability

I will show you that one day woman means power
Life begins with woman

And ends with woman
Is complete with woman

By Farahnaz

AFP Photo