When she is walking in our yard it seems
like all the world is hers,
I love her childhood world,
No pain, No injustice, No hate, No war
and nothing to stop her dreams.
Her smile,
when she is sleeping reminds me there is still an angel
coming to visit a holy soul.
Her laugh sounds like the best music
in the world.
Her small hand is like a dandelion
flying in the air
and coming to give you the real meaning
of love.
When she is trying to say a word, giving you the sense
of being in front of the heaven’s door,
You cannot wait
till it is going to be open.

But here among all this
hardship and injustice,
How can this angel live?
Would they ignore her? Would she burn here
in this community like other girls,
would she lose her dreams
because she is not a man? Can she go to school?
No I will not let them
Destroy her dreams. I will fight
for my little sister, and my other sisters in my land.
This is the time
for them to catch up what we could not do
and show their bright
and full hearts to the world.
What we can do is to fight against these injustices and
let their hearts of love fly.
We are going to prepare this way
for little girls.
My angel will fly like a torn bird

and show everyone who is an Afghan girl.

By Masooma

Photo of her little angel by the author.