Time doesn’t know the value of friendship
Or the value of tears in the sea;
These drops are for feelings I wish you could know
where in this world this lonely heart sleeps.
A heart so heavy with unknown wishes.
I wish you to know why I tell these wishes to you
So that you know their worth, these hidden desires.
I am the lonely drop that floats in the water
My heart is crying,
Like a glistening star lost in the galaxy.
I am the one that wants to be the sky’s shining star
But instead I walk in the desert, from wonder to wonder
Searching for answers
Hoping that regrets will not touch me
I wish you could know how the unknown
Wishes will end.

By Hila G.

Painting by Chris Armstrong


  1. Dear Hila,
    Wow It is wonderful. I know that everyone has wishes and if one wish become completed so of course they will wish another and these wishes could never stop because, life stand on wishes! And if you do not have any wish it means you are dead. Hope your hopes become true, make your life with happiness. I like to read your poems, It makes me hopeful.
    Thank you!
    Your Friend Suci.

  2. Sarah Snyder says:


    What an amazing poem. I want you to know that you are not alone in these feelings. My heart feels the same way some days. Every one of your wishes is worth something huge. Your wish to share them is worth the world to me. I, too, sometimes feel lost. I feel as if there are so many questions floating around in my head, in the world, in the universe. Sometimes when my heart hurts I yearn to know the answers to these “unknown wishes” and questions. It feels like it would be easier. But I must tell myself that there is hope in not knowing. There is beauty in not knowing. Hila, you should know something. YOU are the sky’s shining star. I know this because you have a heart. You have a soul. I can tell these things from your poem, the way your voice sounds in my head as I read and re-read your words. I wish that I could show you how you have affected me, just a girl so many miles away. Keep believing in yourself. Believe in your heart. Believe in your mind. Believe in you words. Believe in your voice. You are the sky’s shining star, never forget.

  3. Dear Hila,
    Your writting is amazing and it is best . I hope that I can meet you sometime and hear about your peotry in your sensition, as I read your poem I am feeling that I can hear you. keep it up!

  4. Hello Dear Hila,
    Amazing! In reality amazing! Wow what a thoughtful amagination. Hope you will be far so far from that disert, regreting you from your wishes! Wish you could, and I am sure that you can go through your strong believes going further till you find your destination Inshallah!!
    Wish you great success!

  5. Dear Hila,
    Your peom is very beauitiful, I believe that you will be a good author in the future. Wish you will achieve your wishes one day.

  6. Reagan B says:

    My dear Hila,
    Your poem is strong and moving, I admire you for having so much hope. I hope every day that your dreams come true, and never forget that you’re strong and already the sky’s shining star.

  7. Adriana Aboumrad says:

    Dear Hila,

    Your poem truthfully brought tears to my eyes, hearing how your wishes and desires are not heard is like hearing a story of a baby no one can hear crying. It’s a story that reminds me why I am writing my research paper on the women of Afghanistan. The line about “ a heart so heave with unknown wishes” made me think about how heavy and unheard I would feel if I didn’t share my hopes and wishes with the people around me. The comparison about being a glistening star lost in the galaxy also touched me in the sense that a person would be lost if no one cared what their wishes or desires were. This poem is an inspiration and I hope one day that the world can hear your wishes.

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