During the dark night, a round moon and shiny stars glisten in dark sky.
As I lie down and watch the beauty,
thinking of the world, the inequality of the world,
the mistress of the world hidden in the darkness of night,
which most people do not know about,
can’t understand, can’t feel.
My questions start with why,
which bothers me,
but why is always on my mind.

I know people who want to live a life
but can’t find happiness.
They don’t know the meaning of a happy life.
From a young age they learn the words “work hard.”
And there are people who do not know the meaning of real life
because of having too much.
Is it the inequality?
Yes, the world’s inequality.
Why is this world created and why this inequality?

I am the witness of occasions that I cannot forget.
It causes tears to run from my eyes before I feel it,
my heart to scream with no one to hear it.
A mother lost her son who was part of her body.
A father lost his befitting future, an heir
A sister lost her brother. She thought he was asleep.
A brother lost his friend. He thought he was angry at him.
All because of poverty.
Because there was no food to feed the baby who died.
Because there is no heater to keep him warm.

They wanted happiness but life becomes a dark sky
without stars and a moon for the family who mourns.
They wanted a life with shining sun
They wanted wind to blow the dark clouds, but they can’t find it.
Why are there children who always feed themselves from garbage.
Always looking for the sun to rise and make them warm.

By Farahnaz

Photo: Ashfaq Yusufzai/IPS.