Daughter of War

I am a daughter of war.
When I was born,

The war was going on.
The sky was dark.
The houses were broken.
The weather was dusty.
The trees were seared.

There was no plant,
No awake human,
No tears in the eyes left.

The streets were covered
By dead human bodies;
The blood was like a river
In the street, house and everywhere.

I didn’t consider failure.
I was full of hope;
I could see

Green places, a blue sky,
Smiles on everyone’s face, tall buildings,
A book in my hand,

Sitting under the tree,
Studying with my parents and siblings,
In my dreams.


War never gave this chance.
War took my parents from us.
War took my book

And gave me burqa;
They put me in the jail of burqa.
War forbade me from going outside.

War changed my beautiful land
To the worst place in the world.
War changed our smiles to tears.

War made our dreams
Of going to school,
Freedom of speech,
To be just a dream.


I will try.
I will stand for my right.
I will break the silence.
I will show my power.
And I will bring peace
In my country once again.

I promised.

There will be no more war;
I will make my dreams come true.

Once again,
My homeland will be like heaven
And my people will be happy.

By Zahra A.

Photo: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times


  1. Melanie says:

    I have so many questions for this poet, you sat at the end you would like to make your land a heaven like it was before; do you remember a time before war? or do you just dream of it often? Also you talk about wanting to bring peace to your land, would you leave to have peace somewhere else? or would you rather stay in your homeland and try to gain freedom there no matter how hard? thank you for sharing your poem.

    • zahra Arabzada says:

      Dear,Thanks for your nice comment…
      I would stay Afgahnistan and as my idea , We , new generation are future of afgahnistan. I cant leave my beloved country and go somewhere else. I do want to go and have my education in outside of our country , but by hope of this to bring something back to my beloved country to help me and my people for changing our country . No , i cant remember times before war. it is just my immigination.

      Zahra Arabzada

  2. Dearest Zahra,
    Your poem, Daughter of War, is beautiful. You are strong. Yes, try. Stand for your rights. Break the silence. Show your power. I stand beside you and honor your courage, your voice, your truth.

  3. kanu gulati says:

    Zahra, thank you for sharing your poem. It is compelling, strong and moving. Also, thank you for staying determined and hopeful for all of us. I hope everyday that your dreams come true. Your writing is powerful and elegant. Great work.

  4. Your poem is beautiful and touched my heart. You and your countrywomen are very strong. I admire your courage and pray that each day is better for you.

  5. Allison Walker says:

    You have so much hope. I admire you for having so much hope, an abundance of faith in the dream that you will be able to make Afghanistan a place “like heaven.” I wonder what your part in it will be.

  6. This is such a strong, hopeful, beautiful poem that shines from your spirit. Thank you for your love and your sense of hope. Thank you for your light. You probably don’t remember, but I have worked with you before. I am happy to see your writing getting stronger and stronger. Take care.

  7. Anusha K. says:

    Wow, you are such a good poet. Your poem and the story it has to tell is beautiful, and simplistic, Hopefully, you will be a future revolutionary.

  8. Kat Fitzpatrick says:

    This moved me to tears … and moved me to vow to be as courageous and far-seeing as you, Zahra.

  9. joabose orestes da silva says:

    I would buy a book spea king about these women my small offer for help them

    I dont undestand why the afghan man are so bad your women

    I love this country The women are a grace of God


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