My Afghan girl, don’t cry; get up

Nothing is in your favor.
No one can hear you.
Stop complaining;
No one is listening to you.

My Afghan girl, get up

Raise your voice, get your rights.
It is your life, it is your right.
Don’t expect anything from anyone,
Don’t wait for anyone.

My Afghan girl, get up

Don’t be silent, don’t be crying.
Take the pen, write your future.
You are the mother of our land.
Your land needs you to be strong.

My Afghan girl, get up

Your tears are worthless.
Don’t beg; don’t say, “I can’t do it.”
Stop the violence, stop the crying.

Get up, my Afghan girl

Show the world
That no one can stop you
From getting your rights.

By Shogofa

Photo: Martin Middlebrook