I Can’t Coz It Was Always You…

I wondered where I was ….
I wondered why I was still there…
Silence meant a lot to me … the hidden secret behind it
I started thinking … as if I never did before
It made me confused … was it something? I wasn’t sure
Then I struggled and I looked into it

I found IT!!!

It was someone whom I wanted
It was you who made me understand
It was you who made my day bright
It was you who made my tears dry
It was you who made me strong
It was you who made me fly

You are my luck, you are my mercy
My life is connected to you

You are my patience …
I find myself alone without you …
Come hold me coz I wanna be yours
I am getting scattered

I can’t stop thinking about you a moment in my life

Things have turned different
My world is empty without you
I can’t live without you

Taking this hope, I am living my life and
Hope that one day you will meet me
And tell me you are mine

You are mine and you are mine …

By Pakiza


  1. This poem certainly is different from your last few poems! I’m happy that you found such joy. But also great longing, which gives hope but also an ache in the heart. Your writing is both beautiful and powerful – always remember that both are within yourself.

  2. This sounds like a noble and true love. Remember to take the best of this love and give it to yourself. When the difficult times and your love disappoints you, as any love can and will do. You can reach into yourself and find the love to soothe the hurt. To say,” I can’t live without you” is to say you’re not living with a reality of how wonderful, lovable, and beautiful a soul you have.

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