I never felt so good as when I was with you
Your warm hugs
Your powerful support
The single word that guided me
When your presence shined on me, I felt like a star 

You made me laugh
And when you made me cry, you held me in your arms
You bloomed like a rose through the day 

Today I am a mother myself,
And still, I wish I could be with you.

By Pakiza


  1. I am so touched by your poem. A real gem. Thanks. Peggy

  2. Samuel Bloore says:

    Dear Pakiza

    Thank you very much for your beautiful poem, Pakiza. You portray your mother as a wonderful person who was always there for you no matter the circumstances just showing what an amazing person she must have been. I know the importance of having a motherly figure in your life because just as you said they are always there to love you, support you and guide you through your life when the going gets tough.

    It is wonderful to hear that you are yourself a mother now Pakiza. I am sure that you will be able to be a wonderful mother just like your mother. It will bring you great happiness to see your children grow up as you guide them through their lives and watch their happiness thanks to your support. Thank you again for your poem Pakiza. It truly made me come to a better understanding that I should always appreciate the things that my mother does for me just as you have conveyed. Keep writing so that other people as fortunate as me will truly appreciate how lucky they are to have a motherly figure like you had.

    Yours sincerely,


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