You are a water drop in the water.
You are the only star that gives light
to the galaxy of my heart.

Maybe this drop
holds the value of the world.

Your love
helps make my heart light.

When I feel scared, I find myself in your arms and I feel calm.
Every time I feel pain, the first one I think of is you.

If I’m away from you for a moment, tears flow from my eyes.
If I wake up and don’t see you, I feel like I am the loneliest person in this world.

All of this is for what?
All of this is because you gave birth to me.

All of this
is because my eyes didn’t know anyone but you.

When I cried at night
the only one who was in front of me was you.

I didn’t know walking but you showed me walking.
I didn’t know talking but you showed me talking.

I didn’t know how to live but you showed me the way of living.
I didn’t have power in my arms but you were my power.

My Ume, my mother, I love you.

By Hila G.


  1. Richelle McClain says:


    This is a poem that remind me of my own mother. especially line that says, “I didn’t have power in my arms but you were my power.” This is the most important thing a mother can give to her daughter, a belief in one’s own power. What a fantastic mother, and what a beautiful tribute to her. Thank you.

  2. Seema Kakar says:

    Hey Dear Hila,

    You make me all the time upset! why you are doing this ha? I just want to cry now:(.
    This is awsome! you are great!! love you!!
    Keep sharing your sweet and thoughful ideas with us!!
    Thank you!!

  3. Dear Hila,
    Your poem is great!
    This poem reminds me of my own Mom. I do not have any mother now because she has died but she is still in my thoughts and prais. Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful and inspiring poems!!

    Thank you Dear!!

  4. charles says:

    Dear Hila,

    You and your poems are awsome!! Your sencetion about your mom is very worthy and I am sure that every child in the world have the same feeling for their mothers and this thinking that I have, is just because I think the same way for my mother. thank you very much for your thoughtful and great feelings.

  5. Dear Hila!
    I am so proud of you and your writing Your this peom is so good I am proud of your family that they have a daughter like you keep it up!
    Best of luck

  6. Dear Hila ,
    Your writing is amazing Hila, Thanks for sharing keep it up I am looking forward for your another writing!

  7. Dearest Hila!
    Your writing is great it is really imrpoving proud of you Hila!
    Your friend,

  8. Wonderful and powerful. I can’t wait until Father’s day 😉

  9. ِDear Hila ;
    You are the best your writing a bout the Mother remeber me my own mother who is not a life.
    But your Mother must proud of you . and i proud of your Mother to born like you smart Daughter.
    wish you sucess full in your all life.

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