It was a snowy day. I was sitting near the heater and Fatima, my little sister, poured a cup of black tea for me. Surrounding Fatima and me were many books—English, math, computer techniques, and the TOEFL exams. I had just brought the books home and was looking at them for the first time since being accepted to the undergraduate program of the university.

I looked at the title of the first chapter of my Universe Success book titled Why Go to College? This is a book that shows new students how they can be successful in college and choose a specific career, and the question shocked me.

I thought I wanted to go to college because other people who went there are successful. I said to Fatima, “Why do you want to continue your education in college? Why do you want go to college?”

We had a conversation about it and this is what we discussed.

There are many reasons we go to college, but I think the important reason is to learn how to improve your capabilities and motivation to become successful and independent.

For twelve years in school, you learn a lot of information about people and the world, how to search the news and materials on the Internet. We learn about issues like global warming, recycling paper, and having a healthy family. We practice making presentations in front of many students and learn confidence and how to make decisions better.

But at the university, you can study for a career so you can become a professional, get a good job, earn money, and become independent.

I also thought about how college and universities are a place where men and women can interact socially. They can study and do some activities together without condemning one of the sexes.

Our high schools separate boys and girls. I always wanted to study at an arts school called Istiqlal High School in Kabul, which was formed by the government and the French embassy, but it’s an all-boys school. I was very unhappy about this, and it made me think, “Why was I not a boy?”

So, I went to an all-girls school. But I think when girls and boys meet each other in university they will learn to understand each other and communicate better and have more respect for one another. We can learn to think critically and how to work in teams and groups to be more successful.

I am very happy to be going to undergraduate college. I would like to earn a business administration degree, which I think will be helpful in finding a useful career. It will take four years of study to graduate, and then I hope to get a scholarship to study in another country.

By Mona