Editor’s note: This group poem was written by Kabul writers at a recent workshop. Each writer contributed one line.

Mother is the inspiration of my world
   The angel who exists in my heart
      The paradise of light
         The kindest creation
            The nicest word

You are the only queen of my life’s land
   You are the gift from Allah
      All people should respect you
         I can see the world inside my mother’s eyes

You are the world, you give me all the love in the world
   You listen to me
      You understand me
         You hug me when I feel pain

When people hurt me, you are the one who makes me happy
   Your kind heart and hands are God’s most beautiful creation
      When I am sick and have fever
         You are the one who does not sleep, but takes care of me

When I get married, I will have to suffer it alone
   You have done many things for me
      But I cannot do anything for you
         I can just say,

“I love you, Mom.”

By the Kabul writers

Photo by Carolyn Cole