You hear much about the worries of Afghanistan, but my country also has some beautiful places. Band-e-Amir, whose beauty and peaceful scenery has always left me overwhelmed, is the only National Park of Afghanistan. Let me give you a virtual tour of Band-e-Amir to give you a sense of what makes it so special.

Band-e-Amir is composed of five connected lakes and surrounded by a wide valley. After taking a two-hour drive along an unpaved road from the nearby city of Bamiyan, you will arrive at this captivatingly beautiful valley.

On your arrival, the first thing you will notice is the freshness in the air. The air is so clean that it seems like you are smelling a perfume and as you breathe each time, it cleans out your lungs.

The second thing that you will notice, as you are enjoying the fresh air, is the reflection of the sky on the lake. Have you ever seen the blue sky below your feet? If not, this is where you will.

The lake’s water is so pure and clean that it reflects the image of the blue sky without reducing any of its beauty and magnificence. Finally, as you are riding in a boat and sailing through the waters, the peaceful and calm nature of the valley will give you the feeling of floating over the skies while breathing the living air. For these reasons, Band-e-Amir is my favorite place in Afghanistan.

By Gullafroz

Photo of Band-e-Amir by Lukas Birk