I too feel pensive with all the violence
And I want peace in my small home
I want to forget our depressions
I want to see you smile

My feelings are not reflected by you
Why are you always angry?
You stole my laughter while I am still young
You choked our children’s games

I feel like a bird whose wings are tied
I wish I could fly in the open sky

I wish I could tolerate all your bleakness
But, I don’t want to
I want us to laugh again
My laughter depends on your laughter
You never laugh, and you stole my laughter too
I want to laugh again

I don’t want violence.
We’ve had enough
Life is beautiful
Come together, let us smile together

We will make our home peaceful with our love
Our children need to see our smiling faces
War and destruction are gone from our homeland
Come with me to stand once again

Take a look, the environment is calm, life is beautiful
Come let us teach our children kindness and bring hope in their future
Come let us water the flowers in our garden
Come let us bring love and kindness to our home
So our children learn to play

Their innocent smiles will calm the atmosphere in our home
Come let us laugh, and our world will laugh with us

By Mariam

Photo: Baz Ratner / Reuters