My Father, My Hero

You faced many difficulties because of me, worked through the cold and hot weather
with tears in your eyes and calluses on your hands.

You took my hand and walked with me
showed me how to smile, and to defend against disaster.
You supported me when the world abused me.
You didn’t leave me alone.

Oh my Father, my hero
I will go forward and fight for my rights. I will be a listener for others.
You showed how to find the light even in a dark room.
How to walk in the desert under the scorching sun.

You made me hopeful when I was lost
You showed me how to live in this dark world. 

By Hila G.

Photo: BAY ISMOYO /AFP / Getty Images


  1. What a wonderful portrait of a father’s strong love and kind leadership. Thank you for sharing, Hila.

  2. very6 nice poem Hila. keep it up!

  3. Dear Hila, I think your father is a Hero. It is rare to hear such a good thing about Afghani fathers. Thanks for sharing this powerful poem with us.

  4. Wilhelmina says:

    Dear Hila, Thank you for your beautiful poem. Your father shows his love by giving you guidance and protection. You show your father your love by being aware of his guidance, protection, and this wonderful poem! Keep writing and sharing!


  5. Samuel Bloore says:

    Dear Hila G.

    Firstly thank you for your wonderful poem that portrayed your father as an exquisite man of character that gives strong love and kind guidance. Like you, I have always seen my father as my true hero who was always there for me. I have not had as dark times as you, but being able to convey your feelings towards your father who supported you and got you through those dark times just shows how heroic your father really is.

    Your father has obviously brought you up with excellent morals and beliefs because you express that when all seems lost, there is still a glimmer of hope anywhere in this world that seems to being continually shrouded in darkness of war and violence. As your father was, Hila, don’t lose hope and keep fighting for your rights and listen for others support. Although, your father may have seemed to suffer in pain during gloomy times, his happiness of being able to just be with you and take your hand to show you how to smile, defend against disaster and refusal to leave you in solitude will surely far outweigh this. Thank you again for the letter Hila and please keep writing so that your hope may be heard.

    Yours sincerely,


  6. Dear Hila,
    This poem is a very beautiful testimony towards your father. It is always heart warming to see children showing compassion and respect towards there parents. Through hardships my father has always been there for me. I see so much of me in my father, and love him so unconditionally. My father means the world to me, and I can see in your words your father means very much the same to you. It is incredible to see your poetry and read the words which attest to your love of your father. It seems as if he is a great teacher in your life, and although my father has not taught me about mathematics or literature, I sometimes feel as if my father has taught me more about what life is about than anybody else in this world. I respect my father more than anything, and I appreciate the sacrifice he has made on my behalf. In reading your poem, I understand the perspective you have on your father, and it makes me feel very appreciative of my entire father has done for me. Likewise, I know you too feel exceeding gratefulness towards your father. I pray that your relationship with your father and mentor may live on forever, and that you may continue to find his guidance helpful in your journey.


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