I am a simple person with simple humanity,
like millions of people,
in Afghanistan and the world.
I get tired of my life, hard work,
lack of facilities, dishonesty of politics.

I went to collect wood for the upcoming cold winter
and collected a huge bundle.
While walking I became very tired
and sat on the ground, and leaned on a big rock.
I slowly slept and felt a dream.

I was on top of Pamir Mountain.
Wow! How comfortable, how lofty,
What a beautiful sight.
Never have I seen it in my life!
What a clean place, how neat.
You know, it was like my daughter’s eyes,
honest, clean, and neat.

I see sun in the sky, spreading its bright,
shiny light over trees and nature.
You know, it was so bright,
like my daughter’s cheeks.
Wind blew smoothly on my body
and made a delicate smell.
It was soft like my daughter’s breaths.
I saw myself among unlimited happiness.

After a minute I woke up, but not completely
Where was I? It was just a moment
I saw my wishes.
Oh my Merciful Allah, I am so lucky.
I forgot my dark sorrow,
my dark anxiety, even myself
You know, my darkness of sorrow is
like the darkness of my daughter’s hair.

By Mina T.

Photo from Trekking in the Pamirs