My dearest sister Farzanee
I will never forget you
You are in my feelings all the time
I smell your perfume of roses in the air
You come to my dreams
When I wake in the morning
I say hello to the sun and the
Sun carries my being to you every dawn
Sometimes I feel you are part of me

Before we met, you were a star behind the moon
And you came to this world for me
You are my integrity
Your eyes are lightness
Your breast is warmth
When you walk beside me
I think your walking and your laughter is for me
My Farzan, say you agree with me
You are far away now

But you are in my feelings all the time
During the nights when the moon comes out
I meet with the moon about you
I ask about your health
Your new married life,
Your food and all about you
I pray to my Allah I will see you soon
Embrace your thin body
And kiss your face  
I will never forget you

By Friba

Friba adds: I wrote this poem to my sister Farzana. She is married and she lives out of country. I have three sisters and Farzana is very special to me.