The Window

I look from my room’s window
Try to see my future,
I see a long way to go.
Life changes its face as weather changes seasons
Trees lose leaves just as I
lose every day of my life.

I look from my room’s window
and think, “Where did my smile go?
Where has my happiness gone?”
I am strange to myself.
Looking from my room’s window.
I see how my life is passing
But my days and nights the same

Looking from my room’s window,
I am not a child at play anymore
I am not child to have my hand held
I am grown
I have to find my own way
As I look from my room’s window
I think how I will build my future.

by Shogofa

Photo: AFP/Getty Images


  1. Allison Walker says:

    That was so thoughtful Shogofa! I imagined you hastily writing this while sitting at your window, eager to not lose any of the sudden, inspirational words which you captured well in your writing. I hope to see more of your writing!

  2. Beautiful writing. I can hear your longing through your words. I hope you continue to write.

  3. Renee Schipp says:

    What a moving piece Shogofa. Thank you so much for sharing your work. Your line about life and the seasons is so evocative.

  4. Victoria Sharpe says:

    This is very moving and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Suzanne Scarfone says:

    Dearest Shogofa,

    What a beautiful poem, full of longing, introspection, and hope. The motif of the window works perfectly in the creation of the poem.

  6. Shogofa, I can hear your voice. Your feelings speak so loud!… How suffocating your reality feels… But remember one thing: you are a woman. Women are brave and should never give up. You can change your reality because you are strong. Afghan women are very strong, as everything is against you and even so you manage to be you, to survive, to make grow things, to have a personality of your own. Do not give up your life or happiness. Reality is harsh, it is true. But, you have your own strength. You are equipped to overcome obstacles. You will succeed if you do believe in you. No matter what, believe in you and do not let anybody underestimate you. Love yourself first! The best of luck to you. Keep writing. Your expression is beautiful! Writing is a very liberating thing… and powerful too!

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