Once upon a time a disabled man was walking. His hand was cut, and blood was dripping onto the street. Yet he did not complain and walked normally. People watching him were surprised to see how bravely the man behaved.

Suddenly, from the corner of the street, another man emerged whose entire hand had been chopped off. The first man began to scream and shout: “Wey, wey, wey.”

Another man asked him, “Why do you not complain at all about your own injury and only begin to shout for the other injured man?”

The man with the bloodied hand replied: “I was not complaining because you couldn’t feel the pain I had. When I saw the man without a hand I started complaining because I knew he would feel exactly the same pain that I was feeling, and that we shared the same sorrow of loss that nobody else could understand.”

Ever since I heard this story I have tried to feel for any person in need and anyone who has suffered a loss. Although I am a human being full of faults and sometimes neglectful, I always wish in my heart to show kindness to everyone, so that anyone may look me in the eye and tell me their problems.

Let’s put our hands together to help our brothers and sisters who are never able to look us in the eye; those who are never able to shake our hand because they don’t have any hands; those who can never walk anywhere in order to talk to us about how hard they have it, but who survive and are successful. People who need to hear a kind word, who have never smiled and those who have never experienced peace.

Let’s be hands for the handless people of the world.

This is another story told by my father and I love it also for its very telling lessons.

By Norwan 

A note from Norwan: “Wey wey” is something we say when we are complaining about something.

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