All praises to you
My kind almighty

We worship you
Only you

Open the doors of hope
Bless us

My Allah, hear me!
End the war in our country

We cannot tolerate
Suicide attacks

One person kills himself
A generation dies

Sahar Gul is tortured in torment
Najeba died from stoning

You created women
Equal to men

You gave us freedom to live
Help us find the right way

My Allah, red color is nice on roses
But I am tired of seeing blood in the streets of Kabul

Let humans grow peace
Instead of suicide

Guide us to understand
Humans are part of the same body

Close the doors of enmity
As you close the doors of hell

Forgive us
For our faults

God, my Allah
You are kind, you are great, you are king

By Norwan

Photo: Sunday, July 19, 2012, marked the end of holy fasting month of Ramadan. It has been a deadly month in Afghanistan with more than forty international troops killed and dozens of civilians also murdered. (Musadeq Sadeq/Associated Press).