My dearest Amina, I love you!
You mustn’t feel ashamed or bashed by
people’s pity, seeing and thinking about you 
Continue your life full of love

When you are alone and hate how people think about you
Don’t cry
We know you! They can’t feel you and understand your tender feelings
They are like stones without hearts, without feelings
They only know that which they see

When someone breaks your heart and brings tears to your eyes
Don’t cry
Because when you are crying
The sky and the entire world cry for you and your innocence
When that happens I can’t see the moon’s light or the sun’s shining

When you lose something don’t give up
Hand over the shame to those people who
don’t believe in your ability
Don’t let anyone destroy your peace of mind
I send you a heart of love, a land of roses,
a sky of spring rain, all my beautiful wishes and lovely emotions
Just laugh and accept all of these
From your best and real friend

By Friba

Friba adds: Amina is one of my best friends. She lost one of her legs during the civil war in Kabul and she often feels nervous or depressed. When I have free time, I write letters to her. I want to share one of these letters with you all, too.