Leaving My School for a New Adventure

I started going to Marefat High School when I was just eight years old. I didn’t know much about the school system then, but I remember I was scared because the teachers were very serious and we had too many assignments during a day. It was very stressful and when I was nine, I switched schools and went to a public school near my house.

The public school was the opposite of Marefat. We didn’t have professional teachers. There was nobody to check our assignments and no discipline. After a short time, I wanted to go back to Marefat.

I was ten when I went back and I had to find new friends because in the year I was gone there were all new students. But the thing that didn’t change was the level of work for the students. Teachers were serious and gave us enough work to keep us busy at school and at home. Still, I preferred to be in Marefat and to be busy with my studies instead of going to the public school where I didn’t learn anything.

Four years passed. This past year I finished ninth grade at Marefat High School. And now I am once again going to a new school. This fall I am going to attend a school in the United States of America.

It is very sad to say goodbye to the friends I have known for five years and the teachers I have studied with for such a long time. I cannot replace my friends. But I am grateful that the system at Marefat taught me to be an organized girl who knows how to manage her time and work.

As I spend the last days of summer with my family in Kabul, I know I will miss them a lot since I have never lived far from them. I hope for all of us to be happy.

By Fatima

Photo: Students at Marefat High School in Kabul.


  1. Allison Walker says:

    Enjoy the US! If you love education there, the teachers will love you!

  2. This would be another adventure for you. It seems that you are such a adventures and your new classmates will learn many things from you.


    • aziz Zeerak says:

      Fatima Jan Hi,
      I loved your story. I am a retired engineer of Hazara origin living in Atlanta area, in the USA. If you can share any information with me by email or phone (0790276220 I am in Bagram until mid June,13), then may be I or other family members can contact you and provide you with a family away from home. I am very proud of your accomplishments and happy for you. I am very impressed with your flawless English writing, by the way.

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