Little Flowers

We are little flowers,
don’t let us die,
we are fragile.
If you throw stones our
stems will break.
Don’t hit us, we are
precious in your life.

We are little flowers that can make your
garden beautiful.
We need shade,
love, care. Our dreams can make your life
sweet. We are strong, don’t force us to be
weak and die in the wind.

If you don’t make us cry, we will
make you smile.
Our colors and scents will
turn our land beautiful.
We are Afghan women, the
hope of our country!

Don’t sell us.
Don’t kill us.

By Shogofa

Photo by Emilio Morenatti


  1. Alexis Wiggins says:

    Such a sad and beautiful metaphor. Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

    • Patti Downing says:

      I just sent this to a friend telling her how blessed we are in the United States that we are free to live our dreams, and more importanly, have the capability to full fill our daughter’s dreams. I pray that all women in the world someday are the same as ME ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL STAY STRONG KEEP RAISING YOUR COLLECTIVE VOICE !

  2. Your dreams do make our lives sweet!
    Wonderful work here, Shogofa.

  3. Ardi Samonte says:

    Your poem, “Little Flowers”, had great words about the flower, which represented the women of Afghanistan. I really like the flow of your poem and how it really spoke to my heart. It struck a chord in my heart and the meaning really spoke to me. It showed the mistreatment and pain the young women feel from the men in Afghanistan. It was a beautiful yet sad poem. However I like how you ended it with a statement to the reader.

  4. Beautiful poem. “If you don’t make us cry, we will
    make you smile” is my favorite part.

  5. Wow, what a great metaphor. Beautiful poem, Shogofa. Thank you.

  6. S. Booker says:

    I love the simplicity of this poem. It says alot in a few words. I hear “Accept what is beautiful about my differences, rather than shun me for possessing them. They will only make the world a better place for everyone.” I love it!

  7. Awesome Shogofa jaan

  8. This is really beautiful. Thank you so much, Shogofa!

  9. The poem that you wrote along with the very appropriate photo, such a beautiful comparison of afghan women and girls to the flowers of Afghanistan, who when nurtured and let to live with human rights, blossom into incredibly beautiful and strong beings just like the flowers of summer, fully able to bring joy and sensibility to a society

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