When I became aware that you loved the moon more than me,
I decided to forget you.

But do you know? I saw the moon tonight and cannot.
I cannot clean

the moon’s picture from my room’s window. Come, please. Come!
Make your hands a bridge.

Over that bridge, I will cross into your heart and soul, become part of you.
And we will grow love,

Honesty, loyalty together.

By Friba

Photo: Peter Drury / Waikato Times, NZ


  1. This relates to my life so much. Makes me feel that im not the only one and it stikes me when it says
    ” I decided to forget you”. Just motivates me to move on.

  2. Mary Stachyra says:


  3. This is so true since you cant really forget about something that makes a impact on you. truly magnificent poem.
    – Chako

  4. Dearest Fariba jan,

    It is very beautiful poem and emotional poem, when I was small girls 12 old years ,my sister and I slept on the roofs of our house in summer, and we saw light of moon, it was wonderful for me, I said to my sister: ‘ Latifa! do moon see us and all of people ?do it know about secrets of our hearts? how moon is the good secret hold.”
    After long time when I grow, I was married and when I was miss for my sister, I memories last days.
    moon is my nostalgic memories and memories of my childhood.
    perhaps,moon is a sign of pointless life and last memories.

  5. Peter Markus says:

    Yes, “make your hands a bridge,” which is exactly what your own hands are doing, this with the power of words.

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