Black spot on white paper.
After the black spot, the lines
go straight and tilt.
They follow each other.

The white paper
will be filled,
filled with curved lines,
straight and broken.

The lines will turn
into words, words
repeated, and finally
to sentences,

sentences, that hold a message,
a message to say, to express
our feelings, to share
our understanding.

Perhaps this is the reason—separation and links,
These are the reasons for wars and peace.

Words repeated—a child’s call to her mother.
I love you, Mama!

A husband’s words for his wife,
I love you, Love.

And finally, the sentences of a patriot
for her beloved country,
words of hope,
I love mother and father and my homeland
in black ink on white paper.

By Nasima

How to Say “I Love You” in Dari by Transparent Dari.