I Asked…

What is Life?
And she answered:
Life is a goal achieved
A book read and finished
An exam passed.

It’s a battle you work to win
Self-confidence earned
A belief you can’t forget.
Life is friendship, smiling, happy
And soreness too

A breeze in whose movement all moments are a symphony.
It’s that love you feel for all things
Including yourself
So wonderful
Love it.

And when you reach a high position don’t be selfish.
And when you are low don’t submit.
Just smile and solve them
     – life’s problems –
In some good way.  

By Friba

Photo: Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press


  1. Friba,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts! Love and be good to yourself, you deserve it!

  2. Thank you for this lovely poem, Friba!

  3. Dear Friba,

    Thank you so much for sharing your words in your lovely poem. I truly enjoyed reading it.

  4. Wise words — beautifully written. You are a talented poet, Friba!

  5. Hi Friba,
    So wonderful to see you beautiful poem on the web site. Wishing you all the best for the future and hope to work with you again.

  6. Elizabeth Titus says:

    Hello, Friba,
    What an amazing poem, about an amazing, strong woman who knows the secret to life.

    Best wishes,

  7. E.J. Says “many descriptions makes life seem more comparison to many other things, making life much more worth the way”

  8. Friba,
    I absolutely loved reading your poem and was greatly inspired by it. I read your poem with a group of students ranging from 4th grade to 11th grade at my school. Even though we are all different ages, we all related very well to your poem and have started writing our own poem based on the one that you wrote above. Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful poem that sparked a really awesome discussion and helped us all to bond with one another.
    The line “A breeze in whose movement all moments are a symphony.” was very interesting to me. I spent a lot of time thinking about this. We discussed it as a group and thought about what it really meant. We determined that to us it meant that you are the conductor of your own life and need to take charge of it. We also discussed the build up of a symphony from e beginning of a piece to the end of a piece which lead us to consider how life is like a tree. We decided that life was like a tree and a symphony because both start off small (with a seed for a tree; perhaps with only the string section of a symphony) and as time progresses, both grow and evolve and branch off and build off of another part to create one thing with many different components.
    Your poem actually reminded us of another poem called Invictus by William Ernest Henley. We talked about both the similarities and differences between the poems and thought about how two totally different people with totally different backgrounds and totally different life stories and experiences wrote such similar poems on the same interesting and complex topic.

    • Dear Celine,
      Thanks for your long comments I love all your words and ideas about my writing.
      I am not a professional writer. But when I am alone and full of worries I write something. I love to share all my idea and mind with all women around the world. When you read my writing and put comments it encourages me to write again and again. I love to write more but i am very busy with my job and my daily activities.
      Thanks again from your nice comments my dear
      Friba akbaryar

  9. I relate because the poem was very nice and it connects with my point of view of life. Like many descriptions of how life relates to many different thoughts I have on life.

  10. Dear Friba,
    Your poem was beautiful!! I loved it!! Here are some of my favorite quotes.
    “Life is a goal achieved” This quote connects to me because it reminds me of playing soccer and scoring a goal.
    “An exam passed” This quote connects to me because it reminds me of when I was taking a test today.

    I like these quotes because they remind me of my life and they bring back some beautiful memories.I really like the way you wrote your phrases!!!!


  11. Dear Friba,
    First and foremost, your poem is so moving, the way you blend your words together to explain what life is, is simply beautiful! The poem starts off as being general, making comparisons between everyday things that people overcome or experience. However, in the 3rd and 4th stanzas, the tone changes. It’s as though you tranform into a bird and flew for the first time. My favorite lines of yours are, “And when you reach a high position don’t be selfish. And when you are low don’t submit.” These lines express how people take advantage of others and others submit to their pain when they are feeling low.

    • Dear Brooke,
      Thanks for all your idea and words. all of them encourage me to write more and more and share with all women around the world.
      Friba Akbaryar

  12. Mikaela S says:

    Your poem is so true, what would life be without these things! Life isn’t perfect and it will hurt from time to time, but those are the things that make us stronger. People may think they are only ones in the world who are going through things like this, but in reality, its most of the world. We are all the same in that sense. “It’s a battle you work to win”. Life is simply given to us, but what we do with that life is our doing. It is a constant battle to make that life your ideal life, to fulfill your dreams. We all make mistakes, but that’s ok as long as we learn from them. Life is precious! Keep writing.

  13. shadia alrajhi says:

    Dear Friba,
    Hi, my name is Shadia and an international student at Saint mary’s college of California. I am a sophomore year majored in biology. My plan is to go to dental school afterwards. I really admire your poem “I asked”, I enjoy the wonderful words that you describe life.
    Life is full of achievement if we set points to start with.
    After reading your poem, I was touched by how simple and strong your words were. Truly, life is all the experiences we go through, the fight, the happiness and the sorrows we experience. Life is all about the challenges we encounter in life and with all our powers and the strong will we surpass. Life is challenging, but the most important is when we do not given up from counting the stars. It is beautiful when we add the meaning to the life by love ourselves first, and have the strong belief of making the change that we deserve better by our power second, finally is to produce and create to give and share our values. I was driven by the happiness, the passion and the love that are coming from your poem. Happiness is when we listen to everything tells us that we deserve to be alive and not to be shy from our mistakes, and when we laugh with no obstacles. Happiness is about understanding our nature and our humanity not be selfish and nor to be sacrificing to the other, just live naturally with people.
    Finally, writing is the most powerful of expressing our feeling, belief and love. Stay the way are with your words that are meaningful, significant, powerful, and simple lyrics because I was touched by them and most people will.

  14. Well written and Heart touching. Keep Sharing Friba Jaan!

  15. Well done Friba! It also relates to my past. F

  16. It’s really powerful writing.
    All the best,

  17. Anonymous says:

    I loved reading your poem Friba. Beautiful thoughts. Keep writing more.

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