I want to make a map of the earth.
No borders.
No one will be rich because no one is poor.
My father will be black.
My mother will be white.
I will be pink.
I will not hate the color red anymore—
Maybe I will be red. 

In my map the teachers will not teach negative words.
The words will only be peaceful. 
I will be born in Kosti, Sudan.
I will die in Waziristan, Pakistan.
I will not be a Muslim.
We can pray to Allah together near the Ganges River.
I swear I will love everyone. 

By Fatima S.

Image courtesy of Qais Jabar Hanifi, created using ESRI software.


  1. This is such a powerful poem. You paint a very vivid picture with your words. The concept of your work is amazing. I can only imagine a world like how you describe it. A perfect world. This is amazing and inspirational to everyone that reads this. No matter how far fetched the idea is, our motivation should be this. I believe there is power in love. I feel that you believe same thing as me. One step at a time. Let’s all strive for this peace. Just like you are doing, with your poems.

  2. So beautiful. I believe the same thing.

  3. Alexis Wiggins says:

    We are all one, aren’t we? Thank you so much for sharing this sad and yet hopeful piece.

  4. Niki Mihovilovic says:

    I have read and re-read this poem a few times and needless to say I am impressed by the simplicity of the poem and of the meaning that can be taken from it. That is something that I want to achieve within my writing. A lot of the time I feel like I have to use complicated words in order to get a deeper message across to my audience and then I read something like this and I am reminded that that is not the case. I am afraid to say what the message of your poem is because I do not want to get it wrong but I have an idea of what it might be. Unity. By saying that you want to make a map of the Earth without borders are you saying that you want to create a world without segregation, where the colors of our skin don’t constitute who we really are? Why do you hate the color red? In the second part of your poem you say that teachers will only teach positive words. Do you think that negativity is taught or learned through our experiences and that if we only teach peace that there will only be peace? Also I am guessing that by saying that in your map you will not be a Muslim that you are saying that there won’t be differences in religious views. That everyone will praise God, and that it won’t matter what religion you come from.
    Sorry for the long list of questions I am just really curious to hear from you and to hear what you have to say about your poem.

  5. Krystina says:

    Fatima S. –

    I really enjoyed your poem because it sounds hopeful. Even through everything you’ve witnessed and negativity that surrounds you, there is a sense of lightheartedness throughout the poem. You propose for the world to unite as one, which is a beautiful but difficult idea. We’re faced with that concept everyday and struggle to come closer to a positive result. Some people believe it may never happen, but I believe anything that comes easy isn’t worth having. Having faith in humanity gives us hope for a better future. One of your lines in the poem was “In my map the teachers will not teach negative words” in which I’m implying you go to school? It makes me very happy that women are being educated in your country. In class, where we compared Middle Eastern culture past to present, before many people couldn’t go to school and most just lived in poverty. Now, countries are becoming more modernized and technologically advanced and it’s great that you are getting a chance to have an education. Education is something we sometimes take for granted in America. We are sometimes ignorant of the fact that it’s not the same for everyone around the world.
    Thank you for writing your poem, you are very talented. Keep writing.

    – Krystina

  6. James Primm says:

    In fifteen lines I believe you’ve captured what people the world over have been asking for since anyone can remember. It’s a shame that there have always been divisible lines between people for any number of reasons. Whether it’s a boundary built by some natural element or a boundary held by military forces or a boundary created because you have different colored skin than me or a different belief. I think the world over should wake up and look at what we are doing to each other as a species and hopefully we can start to understand that if we do not change the way we are brother to brother, sister to sister, then we will likely cease to exist. This is exceptionally hard for me to deal with right now as my brother was just deployed back to Afghanistan this past month. He’s a special operator in will be in harms way nearly constantly for the next nine months. It’s different when you’ve been there yourself. Opinions change. Nothing has to be the way it is right now and I’m heartbroken for the children of this world that will grow up to know nothing except all that is wrong with this world.
    Your poem was very moving. I’ll be posing it on some websites I know.

  7. Fatima,
    I agree with you in how you talked about how you want the world to have no borders. It made me think about how everyone could be connected, even if they don’t realize it. How we could all come to be a part of one, instead of different countries and continents, because borders can cause us to have war.
    Also, I like how you said that nobody would be rich or poor. This would make everyone equal and more united. I also liked how you said that all the words would be peaceful, because not only does this mean that the words would be peaceful, but we would be too.
    In general, I loved you poem and think that it is very inspiring.

  8. I think that using many different colors is very very clever. I love that you want to be any color as long as your unique. Also, you want your mother and father black and white so there will be no possibilities as long as there is peace. I really like your poem; keep on writing.

  9. Fatima,

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem. It has inspired me to think differently about what defines people. In the eyes of another person, color, race, or religion may define someone. However, I agree with your point that for peace, it should be who we really are that defines us. A border or a color is not who we truely are. Where we are from and our experiences and definitions may help to shape our personalities, but I appreciate your understanding of the separation between how we are defined, who we are, and who we want to be.
    – Hayden

  10. i think that no border is a great idea. It might not come true because some people hate peace but I think it is a great idea. I think it is great ideas because there will be no wars against countries.


  11. Fatima,
    I was moved by moved by your poem. As I read and thought about your poem, I began to see the massage of peace and unity. In order to reshape the world and make it a more peaceful place, we must be able to find universal unity. Even if it means the sacrifice of something personal, we must be able to find a way to achieve universal unity. You are daring to be different by putting forth these ideas about the world, unity, peace, and sacrifice. You are making the idea of we should not see or judge others based on religion or the color of their skin. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem.



  12. Your poem is beautiful, very simple, but with a great meaning. Borders, definitions, and stereotypes, separate one from another. If differences between people weren’t so emphasized, people would be more united as a whole. There would be no distinction between different colors, races, religions, customs, beliefs, languages. All of these differences would be accepted and not judged and people wouldn’t be harmed, threatened, or looked down upon because of the color of their skin or social class. Everyone would be treated equally.

  13. Dear Fatima,

    I was touched after reading your poem, and agree that the world would be a much better place if we didn’t have borders taking away our similarities as humans. Peace and harmony would be much more common that it is today without the prejudice and people would be equally treated. Wars would cede to exist, and everyone could work cooperatively together to achieve even greater life for humanity. I hope that someday we can all come together as one group and put our differences aside to make the world a better place for not only our generation, but future generations to come. You brought up some very good points like that people will not be seen as one race or another, or rich and poor. If we can get this notion across to everyone around the world, there’s hope, and always will be!

    All the best,


  14. Brigitta says:

    Fatima, your words have touched me. They are so beautiful! Don’t ever stop writing. I wish you all the peace this world can offer.

    With love Brigitta

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