In every flower


         With smiles







By Norwan

Photo: Ahmad Jamshid/Associated Press


  1. Ardi Samonte says:

    This is such a positive and inspiring poem. Not only should we be reading these poems to see what’s going on over in Afghanistan but also the women there! I feel like this poem sparks inspiration and life. It expresses that there can be change and that there is motivation. Stay motivated!

  2. “the perfume in every flower”
    “grow[ing] the stars on earth”
    Yes, this poem is so positive–it is a true rallying cry. One I feel in my heart as I read.

  3. “the perfume in every flower”
    “grow[ing] the stars on earth”
    Yes, this poem is so positive–it is a true rallying cry. One I feel in my heart as I read.
    Nice work, Norwan.

  4. Alexis Wiggins says:

    Yes. Love this. Love the imagery and the final stanza’s alliteration.

  5. Shaun Peter Smerling says:

    This poem is beautiful because it shows women’s stand in todays society. “We are the perfume in every flower” and “We grow stars on the earth” create very vivid images in my mind of how a women’s power can triumph over others! “We Woman Will Win” is also an alliteration that I found serves right to be repeated at the beginning and end of this poem because it delivers a demanding statement of power towards all women

  6. Stephanie says:

    Dear Norwan,
    Even though your poem is simple, it portrays a strong message: we, as women if we can stay together we can do anything. Historically women aren’t portrayed as strong figures whether it is physically or emotionally. However, in more recent times, women are becoming stronger and standing up for themselves. Togetherness is very important but it might be even more important for women since there are so many situations when women are forced into situations that are difficult to get out of.
    The stanza that I perhaps like they most is “together we can build mountains” because it sums up the idea of the poem very well. If I just read that stanza, I could pull out a main idea from just those four simple words. Even though the words are simple, the message is powerful. It doesn’t take much to make a poem powerful and sometimes the simpler the poem, the more someone can get out of it.
    I like this poem mainly because it portrayed such a powerful message that women need to stay together and if they do that, the sky is the limit for what women can do. Don’t worry about length because longer isn’t necessarily better.
    Stephanie Low

  7. anahita pojohish says:

    hi every woman i am very glad
    to see this page

  8. This poem was very inspirational. It had a lot of power behind it.
    Saying that together we build mountains, is a very important idea. We can not fight for our rights alone, but together we can do great things and “build mountains”. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Coming together to brings in many different personalities to accomplish and a common goal. The imagery in this poem is wonderful and is very true to it’s triumphing theme. It brings a positive spin to triumphing. The imagery of flowers and perfume is beautiful and positive. This poem doesn’t focus on triumphing over something, but what will become because of the triumph. To be successful and to move forward, it is necessary to focus on the positive aspects and the future.

  9. Norwan,
    Together we build mountains. I love that part of the poem. I thought of other sayings I made up. Such as together we build towers. I also like the part of we are the perfume of every flower. I thought of everyone is a shoe on the side of the road. Don’t give up. Life depends on dreams. Without dreams nothing would be here. Freedom would not exist. I believe in freedom. I hope everyone will have literacy one day. Everyone has dreams. I speak for every single woman.

  10. Dear Norwan,
    I enjoyed your poem, and, not only did it spark many thoughts in my head, but it enlightened and empowered me.
    When I read your line about how women can build mountains, I immediately thought that you were referencing women of Afghanistan climbing the mountain to freedom. I think that is wonderful imagery to summarize the poem.
    When I read about women being the perfume in every flower, I took it as since the perfume is a part of a flower, women are also part of the world. The perfume is very important, as people like to smell flowers, therefore, women are not only people in the world, but important people in the world.
    Women grow stars on earth, and illumine the world with smiles. I feel that these two lines are connected because stars are impossible to grow on earth, so that means that women are trying to do the impossible, and if they achieve it, they will use it to light up the world and bring everybody happiness.
    Within us silence sleeps, and happiness awakens. When I think about this this line, it reminds me of the popular statement, “When one door closes, another one opens.” The door of silence, which is oppression, being denied, not being allowed, is finally closing. At the top of the mountain, the door of happiness, which is freedom, being accepted, and being allowed, is finally open.
    Together, together. You need others to accomplish your greatest goals.
    We Women Will Win. Congratulations, because by writing this great poem, you have won a small battle.
    Triumph. A wonderful title, for a wonderful poem.
    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with the world, and I hope all is well.
    Best Regards,

  11. Dear Norwan ,
    I like this poem a lot because even though it is short it has a very meaningful message. I loved the part “we can build mountains” because women can do anything when they are together . Also I loved the part “within us silence sleeps and happiness awakes” because when I am not doing anything I feel that I am nothing and worthless. My other favorite part was “we illumine the world with smiles” because everybody needs to smile and it’s not only men that can make people smile.

  12. Dear Norwan,
    I find your work very inspiring and beautiful. The imagery you used in the poem was amazing and did a great job on helping my group and I understand what you were trying to say. Your words were smooth and I found deep meaning in them. For example, when you said “We are the perfume in every flower”, I interpreted that as the idea that we are all unique, but women have special abilities that the world can use. We women are beautiful and smart, and people need to start having higher expectations of us. When you said “Within us, silence sleeps. Happiness awakens”, I interpreted that the “silence” is your voice and not being able to be heard. You want to end your silence, or “put it to bed”. Women’s voices should be heard. Your repetition in the poem when you would write “Together” sent a good message to me that women need to work together in order to achieve their rights. We can accomplish so much more together than what we can accomplish alone.

  13. Dear Norwan,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful and inspirational poem. The flow of the words were as smooth as silk. I loved the part of the poem where you refer to women being perfume. I believe that the perfume represents the individuality of each person in the world. Every perfume in the world is unique to itself just like every person in the world. The imagery you use throughout the poem is beautiful. The language you use allows a reader to make a personal connection. My personal connection with the text was that I have recently overcome a situation in my life where I was being denied an opportunity. I overcame this situation through the support of the people I hold dear to me, and I am now a better person because of my personal triumph.. loved the repetition used throughout the poem. It allowed for a very rhythmic flow which gives it a very artistic feel. Thank you again for sharing, and giving me the opportunity to reflect on the challenges of others and myself.


  14. Dear Norwan,

    “Triumph” represents a triumph in literature, and a triumph in woman’s rights. I particularly found the sharp contrast between alertness- knowledge- and sleep to be a very powerful dichotomy in and of itself. I found the quotation, “Within us silence sleeps. Happiness awakens” to be representative of the potential for any oppressed or hindered person to be “awakened”. Inaction will only lead to the same practices occurring from generation to generation; taking action allows for anybody to build their own mountain.

    Another aspect of the poem that stood out to me revolved around the structure of the poem, rather than than the actual content of it. From the structure I envisioned each phrase building upon one another, and as a whole each sentence- each statement was a metaphorical “building block” used to construct a mountain of knowledge. No one person alone can build their own mountain of knowledge; it requires the cooperation and communication of many different people. Only then can this combined effort come to fruition; literacy- the elimination of misunderstanding- being provided to every single human being.

  15. Wow!

    I loved all the comments for this poem and I my self like this poem because it talks about victory of women in the world and that finally women will win!

    Your wonderful comments gave me strength to write more, while I am an absent voice that every body rejected to hear me and my poems in my country.
    With love and respect

  16. Love your poem I think that you really got hold of your point

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