Come Back a Day


My tiredness will go away
If you come back a day.

Friendship, poems, kisses, perfume, touching.

I will grow in your way
If you come back a day.

Sad memories, worries, pains and loneliness

All will go away
If you come back a day.

I will fly again in life’s sky.
I won’t be sorry anymore.
My insanity….

My life, my heart, my love, my every breath

Will be for you and only you
If you come back a day.

Your kind eyes, your beautiful face, your love

Will be enough to last my life
If you just please come back a day.

By Fatima S.


  1. This is very beautiful, Fatima.

  2. I feel the grief in this poem. Always longing for the one who has been lost.

  3. I liked it a lot! Very sensitive!

  4. My heart hurts reading this poem. May your heart feel peace. Thank you for making something beautiful, here, out a terrible pain.


  5. liz titus says:


    I love this poem! The way you repeat, If you come back a day, is perfect.

    And then the subtle touch of the last line, where you add words, “just please”!
    Great work,

  6. Pei-Li Yu says:

    Dear Fatima,

    It is a beautiful poem. I can understand the pain of losing someone you really love because I have lost someone I really love when I was young too. The loneliness is like the terrible nightmare that will consume all your energy. However, you must cheer up and be strong, or the person you love would be sad if he or she sees how sad you are right now. Keeping faith in yourself and the person you love, he or she will come back to you one day no matter what happened. I believe you do not want that person to see you cry and be desperate about life, so the best thing you can do is to be strong. For the sake of yourself and the person you love and the people who love you, they will be sad if they see you are not cheerful about your life anymore. Take good care of yourself is the biggest gift to the person you want he or she to come back. Be strong!

  7. Bilal Kuchay says:

    Wonderful piece, full of pain

  8. Dear Fatima:

    I hope that your dreams will come back to you and that every dream can be true for you!
    I loved reading this poem. I felt it with my heart.

    Waiting to read more … so please write!

    With love

  9. Mikaela S says:

    This sadness expressed in this poem is beautiful. You are obviously very passionate about this person, and the deeper your emotions get the better your writing will become. Never lose faith in this person; never lose hope in getting to see this person for just “a day”. The words that are used and the way you blend them together sends a very powerful message. Keep expressing yourself

  10. Dear Fatima,

    I feel for the loss you have had to bear in your life, and I can totally relate to how you feel. After knowing someone for a long time, and suddenly losing them is hard on your emotions. You will always have fond memories with that person that seemed like it was just yesterday. I think that people still stay with you in spirit after passing away, and guide you to a bright future. I would do almost anything to see my loved ones again just like you, but I am comforted by all the positive experiences I had with them, and I know when it’s my turn eventually, I will be reunited once again. Enjoying the great things life has to offer is an excellent way to represent your feelings. Stay positive and live life to the fullest!

    All the best,


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