I Meet the Alien God

My boss… I mean my conscience 
Gave me a mission to accomplish.
I walked down from my small hut. 
I was not alone, my friends were with me:
My unsatisfied desires, my hopes, my future …
We walked for sixteen years and some months. 

My feet were bleeding from the thorns in the way.
My hands were bound by culture,
My face red from hard-slap beatings,
My ears tired of hearing “you are pagan.”

Finally, we arrived at God’s home.
We were so surprised!
Yes, God was poorer than all of us.
He sat alone on a small throne made of nothing.
His door was unguarded—
He was not a scary king.
I began to love him.

Now, he is my God, not my owner.
I am his creature, not his servant.
There was no religion that could help me.

By Fatima S.

Photo: Kristin Ohlson


  1. Mary Stachyra says:

    Beautiful, Fatima!

  2. Martha Gray Adkins says:

    I am amazed by the concept of this piece. The idea of reconciling religion and personal beliefs is one that resinates strongly with me. I love, and believe in, the concept of God as poor and loving. In this poem, you can see that clearly. Also, the description of the speakers journey to God is beautiful.

  3. Erica C. says:

    This reminds me of Mariam from the book. She seemed to be so tired of being in her home, kolba. Her father would visit, but her mother would only talk bad things about him. Her mother would put her down so much. Mariam was all that her mother relied on. I feel like she had bad anxiety. Mariam couldn’t take being alone with her mother knowing that there are so many adventures and just life outside of the kolba. She finally snuck out without her mother knowing only to sleep outside of her father’s house having a feeling that he was inside when she was told that he wasn’t. Her father’s driver finally took her home, but her mother committed suicide only having Mariam’s dreams and everything she had gone. She stayed with her father, but her father’s wives sent her to be married. This was not her prince charming. She had no one to talk to. As soon as she couldn’t have any children, her husband basically pushed her and anything she had to offer to the side, sort of like the story about the strong woman. Relating to this poem, Mariam’s conscience was telling her to accomplish her dreams of basically being free. The thorns and trouble she had getting there was her mother in her ear telling her she wasn’t good enough. God was considered to be her dreams, the great. She went after it only to find out it was worse than her life before.

  4. Child of the Earth, your words ring with the best of us all…. we shall love you forever ….for you are our purpose and our Hope. and the blessings of us all shall keep you on your Path and the Creator will adore you…. for you have reached his throne


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