Kite Season!

Kite season has gone.
Every year it comes and goes—
still, I’ve been waiting for the kites.
A kite is a symbol of love and kindness,
a message to a friend,
a message of peace to people of the world.

But kites’ wings were breaking by winter,
and every day I go back home to watch from the window
and wish again for kite flying.

My house is in the hot and dry desert.
Do you know? How much is hard without you—
the walk-through to this hot desert—

I am looking for kite season to come.
I am looking for the day that my kite flies in the sky,
and I will make my kite a peace pigeon
to show and to follow the message of friendship.

By Nasima

Photo by O. Blaise.


  1. “My house is in the hot and dry desert.
    Do you know? How much is hard without you—”

    ah, I can only imagine…but those lines pulled at me. I felt that question in my heart. Thank you for this poem, so full of poignant imagery and plaintive feeling.

  2. liz titus says:

    “Waiting for the kites”

    What a perfect metaphor!

    Your poem is brilliant. Thank you so much,

  3. Pei-Li Yu says:

    Dear Nasima,

    In your poem, kites are the symbol of freedom, and it is one the most beautiful metaphors I have ever heard. All I can think about is my childhood when I am playing kites, and the joyfulness of holding the strings in my hand. I really felt like I could control my kites, and let it fly higher and higher. The meaning of kites to you is like a messenger that send peace to your friends and people of the world. It is really beautiful and thoughtful. Seeing those kites flying in the sky is like seeing your hope, your freedom and your message flying all over the world. Even though the kites will be broken by winter, it does not mean it will disappear forever. The kites are always waiting for the moment to fly upon the sky again, and it is just like hope and peace. No matter what happened, it will fly upon the sky and flow with the wind!

  4. Dear Nasima,

    I really enjoyed reading your poem, as it was beautiful and inspiring to me. You captured the feeling of freedom quite vividly with the representation of bright, colorful kites dancing around without having to go anywhere. I felt at peace imagining all of these kites floating high up in the sky, watching over the landscape without any troubles to worry about. Living in the desert is no easy task, and I could see myself trying to walk through part of a desert, and being held to the mercy of the sun and its environment. Nevertheless, it sounds like kite season is an amazing, joyous period during the year to let your spirits fly, and your imagination to grow like a tree spreading its branches. I hope that the next kite you fly brings you peace and harmony wherever you may travel!

    All the best,


  5. Kimberly Eummer says:

    “A message of peace to people of the world” I like this statement, looking at the kite traveling far away takes your mind off of whatever you were thinking about. The freedom of the kitea and the message that it brings to one’s mind. Peace, love and freedom, I enjoyed this piece, keep writing your poems and be free.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Your story is truly inspiring to me. I am so amazed that, despite the many obstacles Afghan women face each day; you are able to find joy and happiness in things that some might take for granted. I cannot imagine the way it must feel to not be able to laugh or have fun in front of men, or the men in your own family. I can, however, relate greatly to the overwhelming love and power from being close to the women in your family and sharing very special memories with them. Coming from a family of two sisters and a mother that are very close, there are certainly some experiences and moments that only we can laugh and share with each other. I was reminded to appreciate these moments more when I read your beautiful story. Despite all that is happening in the world, we must appreciate the special moments and memories we share with our loved ones.
    Thank you for sharing, Shogofa,

  7. Nasima,
    Your poem is beautiful. I love the kite as a symbol for love, kindness, and peace. It is so lovely to think of something so seemingly simple as something that signifies so much for you. Friendship is something that, no matter where you are, transcends the hardships of day-to-day life and gives us hope of the good things to come. Even in the hardest of times, or driest of deserts, friendship can be enough to sustain us and fill us with hope and love. I hope that kite season comes soon enough so that you can fly your kite with the message of peace and friendship to all people. Sometimes, when the seasons change, it brings a lot of change in life as well. It seems that when winter comes, the kites go, but with it goes the hope for the feelings that the kites represent. Thank you for writing this poem and sharing your story.

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