I don’t want to share my tears,
My cries are my own

They are with me when I am alone
when no one asks about me

They are with me when I am full of stress,
when I feel hatred from everyone

When I need kindness,
when I don’t want to see another person.

This is when I need my tears.
I must cry by myself

Share my aches and unhappiness alone.
My tears encourage me to continue my life

With power and energy.
They bear my soul and console me.

My tears become my close friend, they do not complain
They carry away depression and sadness with their clean drops.

They make me comfortable.
I know tears result from unhappiness, mistakes, or failure.

In spite of this, I love my tears.
I want them with me because I need them.

I don’t want to share them with anyone.
I need them for my heart during the lonesome nights.

By Friba