My Tears

I don’t want to share my tears,
My cries are my own

They are with me when I am alone
when no one asks about me

They are with me when I am full of stress,
when I feel hatred from everyone

When I need kindness,
when I don’t want to see another person.

This is when I need my tears.
I must cry by myself

Share my aches and unhappiness alone.
My tears encourage me to continue my life

With power and energy.
They bear my soul and console me.

My tears become my close friend, they do not complain
They carry away depression and sadness with their clean drops.

They make me comfortable.
I know tears result from unhappiness, mistakes, or failure.

In spite of this, I love my tears.
I want them with me because I need them.

I don’t want to share them with anyone.
I need them for my heart during the lonesome nights.

By Friba


  1. Beautiful work, Friba. It hurts to imagine you crying, but I know, too, that tears can be cathartic, comforting, and cleansing. And yes, your tears are your own, and there are too many people out there that would rather we not cry, that we keep everything inside, and not bother them with our feelings and our pain. Thank you for writing this, and showing how you wring the beauty and power out of something that many only connect with suffering.

  2. Melissa says:

    Powerful and strikingly beautiful poem. I hope you will continue to express yourself through your words. You have an amazing talent!

  3. Friba – I’m such a believer that sharing and telling stories is such a powerful vehicle to create lasting change. Thank you for this beautiful and powerful poem – and for having the audacity to share yourself and your talents so authentically.

  4. Christine McCary says:

    Dear Friba:
    Your words are your voice – which reveal the beauty and power of your soul. Your tears are your hopes so poetically expressed. Tears so pure and clear that they pale the water of oceans. May the river of tears flow into a safe and nurturing delta where your dreams can grow. You are a gift to all of your sisters who share in your journey and your poem has touched my heart. I wish you blessings and strength to continue your important writing. Thank you, from Christine in Michigan, USA

  5. Sabrina says:

    Thank you for sharing the gift of your words in this piece, Friba. Your tears remind me of my tears and for that I feel a little less alone. Please keep writing and sharing.


  6. Jennifer Mazigh says:

    Your poem is beautiful.
    Tears are indeed important as they are an expression of humanity.
    It makes you feel alive and open, yet they have to remain private ..
    We will be here to read your poems as they are. Meaningful kind and beautiful
    Take good care

  7. Stephanie says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I feel the same way about my tears. You have absolutely captured the way tears can make you feel better and whole after a good cry. I don’t cry in front of others either, and people have always thought that was strange. But, you have given words to that feeling of wanting to be alone and just cry for me.

  8. Deborah Ashe says:

    I wish for you tears of joy, too. Thank you for sharing your tears and your words.

  9. Peter Markus says:

    Thank you for sharing this brave poem, Friba. Your courage and ability to speak out from such an inward place is inspiring.

  10. Barry Kaplan says:

    This is a beautiful poem, so full of feeling, so unsentimental, so naked and passionate. A poem like this heals. Beautiful work.

  11. Debra Tuttle says:

    I find this poem very uplifting, even though it’s about sadness. Although circumstances are most likely different, I also know how it feels to cry. Sometimes tears can be your only friend, especially with people all around against you or unable to understand you.

  12. Audrey Jung says:

    Friba – your poem spoke to me as if it whispered from underneath my own skin. Yes, private tears are an expression of self awareness, an acknowledgement that to be truly strong one must allow ones’ self to have moments of vulnerability, and even a physiological cooling mechanism to ease the growing tension you feel inside. But tears can be shed amongst friends as you seek support for your struggles, which is another sign of strength and self awareness. Tears can also be shed during moments of triumph as well, and stand like trophies on your cheek as you mindfully accept your own accomplishment. Please continue writing your poetry – you have quite a story to share with us all.

  13. Mikaela S says:

    Crying is something that is done in time of sadness, anger, and even happiness. We cry because it is comforting to us. Many people would rather hide their emotions and be “brave”, but really, shedding tears is expressing who we really are, which to me is even more braver. Keep writing, and keep on fighting. Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. A A Walker says:

    Applause for you.

  15. Elisabeth says:

    Beautiful, dear woman.

  16. Pei-Li Yu says:

    Dear Friba,
    To bear the pain and hide it is not a piece of cake. I understand why you want to cry by yourself because that is what I do when I feel frustrated. In order to encourage yourself secretly, crying is the best way to relieve the pain and sadness. I have wondered what if I started not to cry one day. Will I become stronger and happier? My answer is no. Tears are like the rain that can wash our sins and sadness away, and I really appreciate I have the ability to cry and express the unhappiness. I believe you have the same feelings that I have now. When I cry, tears can comfort me and tell me I am still capable to feel sad in my life. I believe you can express more of your feeling when you are alone because you get to calm down and think about your pain. Also, you get to talk to yourself when you are alone with your tears. It can not only help you think clearer about your feelings, but also console your heart and mind. I totally agree with your poem, and it is a beautiful poem.

  17. Thanks for all dear women who put comments on my writings and encourage me to write more and more. Love you all and your nice comments. Looking forward to hear more from yours in my email address and in AWWP website.
    Friba Akbaryar

  18. Stephany Hall says:

    This is such a beautiful and heart felt piece of work. As I read the poem silently then out loud, I found myself putting myself into your shoes as if I was the writer, because I was able to make a connection with this poem. I believe at some point in everyone’s life you realize that sometimes you have to know that everyone is not going to be there for you all the time, and that sometimes it’s best to just let your tears flow to release that pain. Great work! I commend you on it.

  19. RM Barras says:

    Very well written about something that so many associate with pain…hints into the ‘cleansing’ nature if tears…a release of what no longer serves us.

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Michelle Stark says:

    Friba, this is a beautiful poem that still has my mind questioning my own tears. You have connected your tears with so many emotions that contradict each other. I respect you for having the self-control to only cry when you are alone. The fact that you claim your tears as your own touched me the most, solely because I feel the need to cry for many other reasons than for myself. When you say that you love your tears even when they are caused by unhappiness, but that your tears are a way to cleanse your soul of all these things that are troubling you. This statement really connected with me and I don’t think anyone could have said it in a clearer way. I envy the true understanding and acceptance that you have of your tears. Thank you for sharing your writing.

  21. Antoinette says:

    I enjoyed reading your poem My Tears. I could relate because tears can become refreshing depending on the reason for them. The only line I disagreed with was “I know tears result from unhappiness, mistakes, or failure” because tears can be tears of joy. I am one who cries when I am happy as well the difference is I may have a smile on my face while I do so. I want to say thank you for sharing and I encourage you to continue doing so.

    • I am agree with you which tears can be result of happiness , but I did not remember such as tears which be result of my happiness , in this case I cant feel such happiness tears .
      Friba, Akbaryar

  22. Dear Friba,

    After reading your poem I could definitely relate with how it’s difficult to express your emotions by yourself. Crying is important with bringing your feelings out and getting them off your chest. It makes that invisible burden on your shoulders feel lighter, and it can no doubt alleviate the pain. Doing this alone gives you a more personal experience with your inner soul, and tears help to wash away the turmoil that has been brewing. It is amazing how much better you can feel after opening up and letting your body express itself naturally. The depiction you created in the poem is quite moving, and I think that you captured human emotion really well. I could picture myself in that same moment of time, and feel the pain go away with each teardrop. I enjoyed the powerful words used to describe your feelings, and I appreciate you for sharing this personal account with us all. Stay strong!

    All the best,


  23. Scott Shaull says:

    Dear Friba,

    When I was reading “My Tears”, I found that it was a very unique and interesting perspective on tears. When you said, “I don’t want to share my tears, 
My cries are my own” and you took responsibility for your tears and made it your own. That is very hard to do. As people it helps to express our feelings and emotions with the people around us, but you don’t want to bother others with your tears. Tears can be looked at as a sign of weakness is most societies, but to you, tears give you strength and you become stronger because of them. “My tears encourage me to continue my life”, though you battle many hardships and many tears are shed, that doesn’t stop you from living the life you were suppose to live. The challenges you go through and the tears shed are learning experiences and you are made stronger because of them. That is super respectable and shows how strong willed a women you are especially when times are tough. “In spite of this, I love my tears. I want them with me because I need them”. Everyone should look at “My Tears” because everyone should take a look at your perspective on tears, and take something out of it. Keep strong and keep moving forward in life. Thank you for writing “My Tears”, it was a pleasure to read.
    Scott Shaull

  24. Audrey says:

    Thank you for sharing this poem. It really shows that tears do not have to be a negative thing. Though tears are caused by sadness, I love the imagery that they carry away those feelings and allow you to move on and become stronger. I can definitely relate to you in that I do not like to cry in front of others. I have never really thought about why before, but your writing has made me think about it. Why, I wonder, have I always wanted to cry only by myself? I am so thankful that now I can think about it in a positive light. Just because you want to cry alone does not mean that it is a sign of weakness or a sign of embarrassment. It simply means that you are giving yourself the strength to overcome the obstacles that life has forced you to face with encouragement and power. Thank you for sharing your writing and allowing me to change my perception and understanding of my tears.

  25. Farzana says:

    amazing words! love you Friba.

    your sis Farzana

  26. Wow this is an amazing poem. Thanks for sharing it Friba. I commend you for this. I know how hard it’s to express such a true story. Please keep writing! Firoz

  27. thanks from all my friends who commented on this piece . I need your ideas and comments.
    I love all women I wish a world of free women without violence and pains
    Friba Akbaryar

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