Please, Rain

Under the cloudy, dark sky
stands a tall girl with long, dark hair.
Tears drop from her eyes as she closes them.
She makes a deep and sorrowful sound.

The sky begins to storm,
the moon afraid of the loud lashes of thunder.
The poor little stars hide
as the girl falls to the ground.
She cries more heavily now,
and asks, Why?

She raises her head toward the clouds.
I am asking you, Greatest One, up in the skies,
Why have I no luck?
Why have I always been miserable?
Why have I never reached my goals?
Why am I such a stupid, crazy, lazy girl?
Why did I not get the grades I wanted, the grades I needed
to go to the university of my choice?
Life is getting so hard for me:
I can’t breathe; I feel there is no air.
I feel like a dead body with no senses,
but still I am dying every second.

I dream of my parents every night:
They are in war; they are trying to escape.
There is nothing I can do for them from here.
I cannot serve them, cannot help them at home.
They call my name, Farahnaz.
I am not able to even say, Yes?
I try to reach for them, take their hands,
but can’t find my way,
both directions only darkness.

Sometimes, I wish life were a movie.
You can solve your problems however you want—
like Harry Potter when he uses the magic wand to find his way,
like James Bond who can kill every single enemy of his country.

Please, Rain, do not go.

We have always been best friends to each other.
You have always cared about me.
You have always cried for me.
So tell me: Why is hard work not enough
to make my dreams come true?

By Farahnaz

Photo by J>Ro


  1. I can so easily imagine the speaker in the rain, asking her questions, wishing that she could have the powers of a Harry Potter or a James Bond. She may not have made the grades that she wanted, but she still has the power of the pen, I am glad you’re writing, Farahnaz. Keep asking your questions, keep opening your heart, keep working hard, and you are going to get where you need to go!


  2. Gloria Nixon-John says:

    Dear Farahnaz: First of all, I wish we could sit across from each other to talk about your work. Your voice is very heartfelt, and the questions you pose are profound. The strength in this work is the cadence, the way the lines move so naturally. As for suggestions (and because I am a writer) I might suggest that you take ideas like “sorrowful sound,” and actually tell us what that sounds like. I have an idea in my head (as we all face sorrow), but what does it sound like to you—in your head. Also, what if you took words like dark and cloudy out and described more with verbs, feelings. Sometimes nouns work for verbs. Just try it. When I work with my writing group I get the same suggestions some time. :) I would also like to see a tiny bit of hope in your piece. (Easy for me to say, you are thinking). Stephen Dunn (poet) once told me that there must be two conflicting emotions at some point in a poem…even if it is slight. In any case, you are doing wonderful work, and I have learned that just writing gives me some hope. Keep writing, you do have talent, and that is the hope I hand to you today–instead of that cup of tea/coffee I wish we could share.

    Dr. Gloria Nixon-John

  3. Philip Levitt says:

    Rain can symbolize many things. Here it seems to represent hope in the midst of hopelessness. Well said.

  4. Peter Markus says:

    Dear Farahnaz,
    Thank you for such honesty. As a poet, poets are trained to question every line, every word, question how the poem is shaped, etc. But you do here what many poets refuse to do: what you question most deeply is your life itself. And there is more than just poetry to be found in that kind of inquiry. Thank you for digging deep. I think if you listen close to the silence at the end of every question you will hear a voice that I hope will lift you up and carry you forward.

  5. I have felt just like this. What a beautiful and sad poem – thank you for sharing it.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing. This poem really touched my heart. I have felt this way in my life and understand how hopeless things may seem. But I learned that it’s okay to forgive myself, to love myself, to continue to do my best (and sometimes my best is not good enough for me) but I never lose hope. I recognize that today may not be going my way but tomorrow will be different – a new day.

  7. Christine McCary says:

    Dear Farahnaz,
    Your deeply moving words resonate how we all question ourselves when our best effort does not always reflect outcomes in life. The rain is giving you the loving embrace that you seek from those who are at war. We who read your poetic prose are embracing you and your ideas and send you wishes of encouragement. May the support of our words give you the strength to meet your challenges and dreams. Every achievement takes small steps and in wartime it is safety that overshadows every path. Please know that you are so very worthy of all that you define as good. Thank you for helping us walk in your shoes and seeing the world through your eyes. Continue to reach in safety and know your effort has value and meaning. Thank you.

  8. Mikaela S says:

    This is such a good poem and you have told your story so well. It is beautifully touching but horribly sad. It is very sad to think about what you are going through but I understand how rain is something that you fall to. It seems to come at the right time and sometimes wash the bad things away. Every day is a new day, just like one day it is raining and cold, and the next morning it could be sunny and warm. We must always continue to fulfill greatness and never give up. We shall always work towards those sunny and warm days. Keep writing and expressing yourself!

  9. Niki Mihovilovic says:

    Dear Farahnaz,
    I wish that I could sit across from you to be able to discuss your poem in more length then I can do on here, but I guess this will have to do. I truly hope that you get my message and that it does not get lost on its way to you. I think you are an incredibly gifted writer. More so than that you have an ability that many people lack, to be able to express your true feelings through your written work. That is what makes a poem so powerful. It’s not just the words that create a poem, its whats behind the words. Human emotions transfer through the hand into the written word in your poem. I was not only able to picture a helpless girl in the rain, I felt as if I was getting drenched by your tears as well. I too have looked up at the sky and asked quite similar questions and being on the verge of giving up. After losing something that we are so close to attaining it feels necessary to just give up. In any case that is the easy thing to do. I am a little bit puzzled, however, by how you choose to end your poem. I can’t help but associate rain with sorrow in the context of your poem, yet you ask it not to leave? Why is that? Am I interpreting it wrong? Either way I really enjoyed reading this poem and I was emotionally struck by what you had to say. I hope you continue with writing for it is clear that you have a special gift. Take care.

  10. Michelle Stark says:

    Farahnaz, you have set the scene very well in the opening lines. I can picture this girl crying in the rain asking for guidance from the “Greatest One” up above. The word choice is extremely strong in her dialogue helping her get her point across effectively. This girl is not happy with where she is at in her life but is unsure of how to fix it, or if there is even a way to fix things. First, she talks about what she can do to make herself happy, then talks about how she can help her parents in the war. The transition is very blunt. This shows that she is fighting this battle by herself while the rain is the only one to comfort her. Hoping that this all can be solved as if it were a story in Harry Potter or James Bond, which is unrealistic. The feeling of helplessness is powerful, thank you for sharing this poem.

  11. Debra Tuttle says:

    I thank you for sharing this lovely poem. For me, rain has always been good. I loved it when it rained, because it felt the sky was crying with me and for me. I still love when it rains. That is often the only time I can sleep too, because it is comforting, the feeling that someone or something is crying with me and feels the pain I feel without me having to talk to them about it. Rain seems to be the best friend to many people who are down for one reason or another.

  12. I can tell you really feel helpless from your words. This must be a really hard time for you in your life. It is ok because everyone has hard times in his or her life. Don’t be self-contemptuous and describe yourself in a bad way. God created everyone differently, so you are unique as yourself. It’s not only you not getting good grades. We all do. As long as you tried your best, it’s just the nature of competition; so don’t consider not getting in a good university as a fault of yourself. Why not stand up and try again?
    I feel sorry about the separation of you and your parents. Even though I have no idea what war they are in and how it is going, I would send my best wish to them. I hope they are safe and healthy. You must be lonely without your parents. I can imagine how hard it is to wake up at night by yourself, and no body is around. Your parents must also be missing you a lot, but what I want to let you know is every parent wants his or her own children to grow up and be strong and independent in one day. Instead being a little girl that is living a miserable life without her parents, you should try to stand up and learn to be a strong independent woman, and hopefully save your parents one day. This is not an easy process for anyone, but I believe you can do it. I can tell from your words that you still love the world very much. There are many people like you in the world. Everyone is working hard together with you. You are not alone.
    I can see why you love the rain. Rain gives a really refreshing feeling. Life is not as hard as you think if you start to live with it and adjust yourself into it. When you feel your hardworking is not leading you to anything, probably that’s not the way your life should be. If you look around carefully, there are many interesting stuff around you. Just like you let the rain go, the rainbow will come.

  13. Dear Farahnaz,

    The detailed expression in this amazing poem is truly captivating for me, as I could feel every emotional turn inside of me. Rain is a powerful phenomenon in nature, as it gives life to living things, and it also cleans the land and water from past events. Its coldness can be soothing to the skin, and I see it as a comforting shower that washes away all of the pain and negative feelings. I felt as though I was standing in the rain myself, looking up at the sky and thinking about what lies ahead. It is a familiar natural event that seems to bring peace and a calm, serene atmosphere to those around it. I appreciate you sharing this poem with me, and I wish you to stay strong, and continue to express yourself through poems, as it is a beautiful way to let out your emotions.

    All the best,


  14. shadia alrajhi says:

    Dear Farahnaz,
    Hi, my name is Shadia and an international student at Saint mary’s college of California. I am a sophomore year majored in biology. My plan is to go to dental school afterwards. When life shuts down on you and chances run away from you keep asking. Everyone have a chance in this life to balance the earth. We do not know when are our chances come, but we know that God created us to live and face the problems, otherwise they will keep coming to us until we learn and solve them. Keep working like it is your last day of life, do not expect and wait for anything. Keep smiling like the happiest person and none like you, enjoy every single moment, enjoy your health, enjoy looking at the sky and be sure that this is the reason to be alive.

  15. Audrey says:

    When life gives us obstacles, sometimes it is hard to know how to get around them to get to our goals. For me, I feel the same way sometimes—that I have no luck, or I have not worked hard enough to reach my dreams. But it is important to know that these obstacles are placed there for us to challenge us and to teach us. I love the imagery that the rain gives in your writing. I love the rain, too, and for me, I always feel refreshed and new after a good rain. I think the rain can also be like a good cry. When I am overwhelmed with sadness or frustration, a good cry can sometimes refresh and give a new outlook on a situation. When I was younger, school was also always very difficult for me, and one day I came home crying because I was not doing well. My mother saw me crying and shared with me a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that said, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fall”. I, too, wish that our problems could be solved easily, as they are in Harry Potter, but even he has struggles that he must overcome. The important thing is that we look on the bright side and overcome the challenges that we face as a stronger person. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story—keep on writing!

  16. Farima says:

    Just Beautiful and Mind Blowing!

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