Under the cloudy, dark sky
stands a tall girl with long, dark hair.
Tears drop from her eyes as she closes them.
She makes a deep and sorrowful sound.

The sky begins to storm,
the moon afraid of the loud lashes of thunder.
The poor little stars hide
as the girl falls to the ground.
She cries more heavily now,
and asks, Why?

She raises her head toward the clouds.
I am asking you, Greatest One, up in the skies,
Why have I no luck?
Why have I always been miserable?
Why have I never reached my goals?
Why am I such a stupid, crazy, lazy girl?
Why did I not get the grades I wanted, the grades I needed
to go to the university of my choice?
Life is getting so hard for me:
I can’t breathe; I feel there is no air.
I feel like a dead body with no senses,
but still I am dying every second.

I dream of my parents every night:
They are in war; they are trying to escape.
There is nothing I can do for them from here.
I cannot serve them, cannot help them at home.
They call my name, Farahnaz.
I am not able to even say, Yes?
I try to reach for them, take their hands,
but can’t find my way,
both directions only darkness.

Sometimes, I wish life were a movie.
You can solve your problems however you want—
like Harry Potter when he uses the magic wand to find his way,
like James Bond who can kill every single enemy of his country.

Please, Rain, do not go.

We have always been best friends to each other.
You have always cared about me.
You have always cried for me.
So tell me: Why is hard work not enough
to make my dreams come true?

By Farahnaz

Photo by J>Ro